Xbox One Waiting for Players glitch fixed for Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors (October 2022) Complete Details!

Games like Apex Legends being accessible on different stages is perfect with regards to openness, and arriving at the most stretched out player base. All things considered, it likewise intends that there are more errors to be found, and the manner in which they manifest on various stages can fluctuate. One error that had been tormenting players on Xbox One for some time currently was a mistake that would save players on the Waiting for Players screen, even after an adequate number of players were found.

The error wouldn’t influence player’s capacity to stack into a match, and you would even load in fine and dandy, however the Waiting for Players screen would continue during Legend select, making it difficult to pick or change your Legend before a match.

This, obviously, could be bypassed by picking your Legend from the anteroom screen, yet assuming somebody picked that Legend before you, you would have no real way to choose your Legend by any means. It would simply be an irregular different Legend once you got into the match. Fortunately, the fix is here now, so ideally going ahead, Xbox One players won’t manage this issue any time sooner rather than later.

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