Who is winning the 2022 Guardian Games in Destiny 2? (October 2022) Latest Updates!

Guardian Games is a unique season in Destiny 2 where the three distinct classes meet up for some accommodating rivalry. Eva Levante returns, the Tower gets fantastic beautifications, player counts go up, Eververse rakes in tons of cash, and for the most part, everybody lives it up. Titans overwhelmed the opposition in 2020, and Hunters brought back home the gold in 2021. However, how is 2022 getting down to business?

2022 Guardian Games Standings

Current leader : Warlocks

5/8/2022: Hunters have at last appeared and placed one on the board!

  • Hunters: 1
  • Titans: 0
  • Warlocks: 4

To win, Guardians should store emblems into the Podium in the Tower. Emblems are procured by finishing specific exercises and small scale journeys called Contender Cards and Platinum Cards. Higher-level emblems grant more focuses and are acquired in exercises like strikes, prisons, serious PvP, and PsiOps Battlegrounds. Lower-level emblems come from Gambit, Strikes, Quickplay Crucible, and Throne World exercises.

Strike Scoring is likewise making a return. Nonetheless, there’s a curve. Watchmen will need to zero in on playing Friday through Monday in the Competitive playlist for the best rewards and more decorations.

Generally, the current year’s opposition is much more engaged. The race is on!

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