Who is Geno in Fortnite? (October 2022)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 reached a definitive conclusion as the fight between the Imagined Order and the Seven occurred in the Collision live occasion. During the live occasion, players got to see a few characters crucial for Fortnite’s legend, and one of them included Geno. This character was just prodded in cinematics up to this point and has not been presented in the game. Like a few different fans, we are anxious to meet Geno, so here is a speedy recap of what we are familiar this person.

Geno is an individual from the Imagined Order, maybe even a high-positioning part or head of the gathering. They will likely control the Zero Point and annihilate anybody remaining in their way, including the Seven. Geno’s name was initially referenced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, where Agent Jones ran over The Foundation interestingly. From that point forward, fans have been anxious to know this character’s personality.

While a few fans accept Geno is the maker of the circle, most consider him to be the essential bad guy in Fortnite’s storyline. Local area specialists conjectured that Doctor Slone is an understudy of Geno, and his situation in the Imagined Order is higher than each character we have seen up until this point. In one of the cinematics, Agent Jones specifies that he can convey Geno and the sisters to The Foundation. While the sisters might allude to the Imagined and the Paradigm, very little is had some significant awareness of Geno’s experience.

During the Collision live occasion, fans got a brief look at Geno in one of the entryways made by the Zero Point. Specialist Jones and The Foundation hopped inside the entryway following Geno toward the finish of the occasion. Players can expect that the storyline for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 will disentangle more secrets about this slippery adversary.

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