Who are the cloaked Figures at the end of the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer?

The Heartless are attacking Quadratum in Kingdom Hearts 4 and it depends on Sora to stop them. Be that as it may, while the fight seethes in the city of Shibuya, baffling hooded figures look on from high on a high rise.

Hooded figures are the same old thing to the Kingdom Hearts universe. They can be followed back to the mystery trailer toward the finish of the principal game. However these figures probably are something similar. The protected cash is on them being Luxu and Master of Masters.

The Master of Masters is a Keyblade Master who at first showed up in Kingdom Hearts X. While their actual inspirations aren’t totally clear, they’ve been at the focal point of a few significant occasions inside the legend of the series. What is clear is their steadfast resistance to the Darkness.

Luxu is a Keyblade Master and understudy to the Master of Masters. His job was to look after occasions with his keyblade for the Master of Masters to compose the Book of Prophecies. Similar as the Master of Masters, Luxu initially showed up in Kingdom Hearts X.

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