Where to find Mancake, Bao Bros, and Lil Whip in Fortnite (Chapter 3, Season 2) Complete Details!

The Imagined initiates you to assist in one more seven day stretch of Resistance, just this time it’s for something somewhat less connected with fighting. The Seven are setting up a triumph party to praise their progress in their fight against the IO, and you should pass out certain solicitations. There are three explicit NPCs you should find and converse with Mancake, Bao Bros, and Lil Whip, and this is the way to make it happen.

  • Lil Whip: At Coney Crossroads in SoFDeeZ Ice Cream Restaurant
  • Mancake: At The Butter Barn in the open air bar
  • Bao Bros: At Condo Canyon in Bao Restauraunt

How to talk to Mancake, Bao Bros, and Lil Whip in Fortnite

How to deliver party invitations

When you find the three NPCs at their objections, you should converse with them to convey their greeting. There are no particular buttons in their discourse that you should squeeze, you simply have to start a discussion with them. This makes it somewhat simpler in light of the fact that you can do it rapidly prior to running into different players. Whenever you approach them, it will uncover the command over their head expected to start the talk.

  • X on Xbox
  • Square on Playstation
  • E on PC

In the wake of conversing with each person, you ought to hear a sound play affirming you finished a piece of the journey. When you convey the solicitations to every one of them, The Imagined will thank you, and you can proceed to the following journey!

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