Where does Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link take place?

Close by the uncover of Kingdom Hearts IV was the declaration of the new portable game, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. Following a stand by of four years, KH fans are getting bunches of new gaming content to anticipate, but one more story to remember in the tangled world that we love.

Realm Hearts: Missing Link will be occurring in Scala advertisement Caelum. For those that have played Kingdom Hearts III, you will perceive this as the exquisite spot experienced close to the furthest limit of the game, where you go head to head against Xehanort.

This will allow players an opportunity to investigate the city somewhat more and find more about it, as the time spent there in KH3 was restricted, and centered exclusively around overcoming Xehanort.

Many spots and universes have been investigated inside the Kingdom Hearts games, yet this is a fresher one. Along these lines, it will be great to navigate some place that isn’t… Cross Town and such!

It is otherwise called the Stairway to Heaven, and is accepted to be the place where all of the past Keyblade wielders and bosses congregated. Also, Caelum is likewise the last name of Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, so there’s a decent hybrid reference there.

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