What is the Lost Master Arc in Kingdom Hearts IV?

Kingdom Hearts IV has been formally reported, and obviously devotees of the series are energized for the following portion to come to consoles. A delivery date has not yet been uncovered, in any case, we have been shown the new existence where the game will happen and part of the new story. However, what precisely is the Lost Master Arc?

The Lost Master Arc is the account heading which the new game will take, investigating what has been going on with Sora after the finish of Kingdom Hearts III with Xehanort. Little is known now, nonetheless, considering that Keyblade wielders can become aces, it is no doubt either about Sora’s own misfortunes, or an expert which they are searching for.

The finish of the trailer shows Donald and Goofy searching for somebody, at first we figure they might be on the chase after Sora, however a figure shows up out of the obscurity and frightens them. This could be the lost expert referenced in the title. You can look at the trailer underneath:

Obviously, now there is a lot of hypothesis, thus we will watch out for more news and data with respect to the game. For the present, we simply realize that KH4 is coming, and that we are advertised for it!

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