Vizio Soundbar Not Working (October 2022) Know The Latest Authentic Details!

In the event that your Vizio soundbar isn’t working, I am here to help you. There are various sorts of issues connected with the Vizio soundbar.

For instance, the soundbar not turning ON, it can’t associate, the sound isn’t coming, or the sound is twisted.

A couple of days prior, my Vizio soundbar unexpectedly quit working with my Samsung TV. I attempted to make it work yet to no end. I read the client manual to find the fundamental investigating stunts.

In any case, they helped me for a brief time. Thus, I needed to figure out an extremely durable arrangement. Hence, I jumped further into the issue, conceptualized, and sorted out what is the main driver.

In this aide, I will share my own insight. Besides, I have likewise found answers for different issues that a Vizio soundbar may present.

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Vizio Soundbar Common Problems

Following are a portion of the normal issues that can happen with a Vizio soundbar;

  • The soundbar not turning ON or has no power
  • No sound coming from the gadget
  • Subwoofer, satellite speakers, or encompass sound not working
  • Bluetooth matching isn’t working
  • Vizio soundbar not working with Netflix
  • The soundbar doesn’t work with FireStick
  • Sound is misshaped or removing

My Prefered Troubleshooting Tricks

Every one of the issues recorded above can be settled by a few normal stunts. A product update, power cycle, and plant reset are three general fixes that are fit for disposing of all issues.

Thus, you ought to attempt them first prior to continuing to the perplexing and explicit arrangements. By and by, I apply these hacks in the accompanying arrangement and they help me pretty much like clockwork;

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Power Cycle Vizio Soundbar

At the point when my Vizio soundbar goes overboard, I power cycle it. This stunt applies to soundbars as well as to different gadgets. Any model of Vizio soundbar can be power cycled or delicate reset by these means;

  • Turn off your soundbar from the wall electrical plug.
  • Presently, press and hold the power button on the soundbar.
  • Discharge the button following 5 seconds and fitting the power string once more.
  • Presently, turn ON your soundbar by squeezing the power button on the gadget.

Update Firmware

Obsolete firmware can likewise cause your soundbar not to work. Thus, update the firmware by the accompanying system;

  • Associate your Vizio soundbar and portable to a similar Wifi organization or match them over Bluetooth.
  • Download the “Vizio SmartCast” application on your cell phone.
  • Send off the application, pick your Vizio soundbar, and add it.
  • Open the soundbar menu from the application, and go to “Settings” by tapping the stuff symbol.
  • Then, pick “Framework” and afterward “Framework Information”. Check for the most recent programming adaptations. Introduce the most recent firmware assuming it is accessible.

Production line Reset Your Vizio Soundbar

On the off chance that power cycling doesn’t help, a plant reset should get the job done. I fixed numerous minor issues by hard resetting my Vizio soundbar.

Notwithstanding, it erases every one of the saved information, modified settings, and matching data. The overall strategy to production line reset the Vizio soundbar is as per the following;

On your soundbar, press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Bluetooth” buttons simultaneously.
Continue to hold for 5 seconds or until every one of the 12 LED lights streak multiple times.
The technique might shift across different Vizio soundbar models. Become familiar with the specific cycle here.

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Issue #1: Vizio Soundbar doesn’t Power ON

Both these issues can be settled by applying the accompanying stunts.

Check Power Supply

Then, I checked the power supply to my soundbar. Since Sometimes, the power light on the soundbar doesn’t come ON.

It is on the grounds that the power line of your soundbar may not be associated as expected. Thus, turn off the line from the rear of your soundbar and plug it in again solidly.

You additionally need to inspect the power line along its whole length. Supplant the link assuming it is broken, wound, twisted, or uncovered.

Similarly, analyze the association ports both on your TV and soundbar. Perhaps the port is free or broken and can’t move information. Supplanting the ports is the arrangement for this situation.
The soundbar can’t turn ON is one of the normal issues clients face. It has two circumstances; there is no light or light marker is ON however the soundbar isn’t working.

Test the Outlet

Besides, check the wall electrical plug regardless of whether it is working. Interface an alternate electronic gadget (mobile phone charger or light) into the power source to affirm.

Additionally, plug the power string firmly into the wall power source. Try not to utilize an expansion with your soundbar rather interface it straightforwardly to the electric stock outlet.

The power rope might be associated with a flood defender or plug extension, ensure the flood defender is turned ON.

A light sparkles on the left or in the focal point of the soundbar when it powers ON effectively. For my situation, the light was ON yet the sound was not playing.

Examine the Buttons and the Remote

Perhaps the power button of your Vizio soundbar is flawed. That is the reason it isn’t turning ON. Moreover, actually take a look at the controller of your soundbar.

Supplant the far off batteries with the new ones. Ensure nothing is obstructing the IR sensor of the soundbar. Attempt one more strategy to turn ON the soundbar.
For instance, the TV remote or the Vizio Soundbar remote application. Press the power button a piece hard to make it work.

Issue #2: No Sound or Distorted Audio

As I let you know that my soundbar was turning ON, yet no sound coming from it. You might be confronting a similar issue.

You ought to attempt the accompanying hacks in the two cases; the Vizio soundbar doesn’t turn ON or doesn’t give sound.

Actually look at the Connections

The soundbar ought to be associated safely to the source gadget like a TV. Take a gander at the rear of your TV, it has a port marked “Sound Out”.

There can be different ports on your TV, for example, “In”, which is accustomed to bring sound/video to the TV. While the “Out” port sends TV sound to an outer speaker or soundbar.

Thus, you generally interface a soundbar to the “Sound Out” port of your TV. Despite the fact that, I was certain that my soundbar is associated properly yet I felt it important to check.

Pick Correct Input

Essentially, I additionally checked that I have chosen the right contribution on the TV. This is the way you can make it happen;

  • Switch ON your TV that is associated with the Vizio soundbar.
  • Play a film, show, or video which has sound.
  • On your Vizio soundbar, press and hold the “Information” button for a couple of moments.
  • Discharge the button when the lights on the front board begin blazing.
  • The gadget will go into “Auto Input Search” mode. The front light pointers will continue to streak.
  • It shows that the soundbar is recognizing the right information. This can assist with fixing the info issue.

Change TV Settings

At the point when you interface a soundbar to your TV, switch OFF the interior speakers. If not, incredible disarray will happen between the two gadgets.

In the event that your TV highlights HDMI-CEC, the sound settings will change consequently. Nonetheless, you ought to check the settings physically.

Go to the TV menu and afterward to sound settings to get to the TV speakers. Switch the inner speakers OFF and send sound to the outside gadget. Peruse the client manual of your TV to figure out the specific technique.

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Investigate the Source Device

As well as investigating the soundbar, you ought to likewise chip away at your source gadget. For instance, power cycle your TV by disengaging it from power for 60 seconds.

Similarly, you ought to play different recordings and mix through all channels. Since once in a while the issue is channel or content-explicit; certain channel or video doesn’t have sound.

Likewise, affirm that your TV isn’t quieted and associated with the web.

Test the Source Device

If still, your soundbar is giving no sound, the source gadget might be the guilty party. Thus, you ought to interface the soundbar to an alternate gadget.

For instance, an alternate TV, PC, PC, gaming console, and so on. Along these lines, you can sort out whether your Vizio soundbar is damaged or the TV.

Notwithstanding, while you associate with another gadget, pick the contribution by the technique depicted previously.

Issue #3: Bluetooth not Working on Vizio Soundbar

Notwithstanding a wired association, the Vizio soundbar can be matched by means of Bluetooth. You can coordinate it with your brilliant TV, cell phone, PC, or other Bluetooth gadgets.

Also, the soundbar interfaces remotely with the subwoofer. As you most likely are aware, Bluetooth is a remote association. Subsequently, it is inclined to network issues.

The following are a couple of stunts that can assist you with emerging from such a trouble.

Match Correctly

After your Vizio soundbar enters the matching mode, interface it to the source gadget immediately. Since Bluetooth will switch OFF consequently in the event that not utilized.

Besides, ensure you have accurately put the soundbar into Bluetooth mode. Press the Bluetooth button on the soundbar for 5 seconds or until the light beginnings blazing.

Turn ON Bluetooth on your TV, your Vizio soundbar ought to show up in the rundown of gadgets. Further, disengage and reconnect your soundbar, it is the best hack to fix Bluetooth matching issues.

Diminish the Distance

By and large, Bluetooth can work best inside 30 feet. In any case, a few gadgets should be set simply next to each other.

In any case, they neglect to associate, disengage often, sound removes, or no sound comes by any means. Consequently, place the soundbar and the source gadget extremely near one another.

Eliminate Obstructions

Actual items, too as remote gadgets, can block Bluetooth matching. Once, it happened to me, that my Wifi modem was blocking the matching between my Vizio soundbar and cell phone.

You might be shocked to know this. However, Wifi transmission capacity can disrupt the Bluetooth recurrence at times.

Subsequently, switch OFF your Wifi modem or switch for a couple of seconds and afterward have a go at matching the soundbar once more.

Moreover, metal items like wristbands, magnets, or electronic gadgets put nearer to your soundbar can likewise make an issue.

Subsequently, I encourage you to check out your soundbar and TV. Eliminate any thought gadget to fix the issue.

Issue #4 Vizio Soundbar Surround Sound or Satellite/Rear Speakers not Working

The encompass sound speakers are capable to convey light foundation clamor. It relies upon the substance; the film you are watching ought to have encompass audio cues.

Any other way, the speakers won’t work. Nonetheless, you can attempt the accompanying tips to fix this issue;

  • Ensure the HDMI links are stopped immovably into the applicable ports. Additionally, actually look at the strength of the links.
  • Restore the association between every one of the gadgets. Clean the association ports and attachment the links firmly into the ports.
  • Also, guarantee that the subwoofer is turned ON and has power. The sub ought to be appropriately matched with your Vizio soundbar.
  • Give different encompass sound settings a shot your TV. It very well may be some unacceptable setting that is making the issue.
  • The encompass sound/satellite speakers interface with the subwoofer utilizing a wire. Peruse the arrangement guide and follow the specific association strategy.

Issue #5: Vizio Soundbar not Working with Netflix

Some of the time, the Vizio soundbar neglects to work with Netflix or other streaming applications. The issue is application explicit. You can fix it as follows;

  • Open Netflix and click the “Settings” choice.
  • Check the sound settings like playback and captions.
  • Update firmware on your soundbar and TV.
  • Check for the most recent variant of Netflix.
  • Interface the soundbar utilizing the right link like HDMI.
  • Play various films, shows, and recordings to check in the event that the sound doesn’t accompany all or just unambiguous substance.
  • The sound configurations of some Netflix motion pictures may not be upheld by your Vizio soundbar.

Issue #6:Vizio Soundbar not Working with FireStick

Firestick is a streaming gadget that can be associated with your shrewd TV. In the event that FireStick isn’t working with your soundbar, do this;

  • Utilizing the gave USB link, associate the FireStick to the wall electrical plug.
  • Plug the FireStick into the HDMI In port on your soundbar. Interface a HDMI link from your TV to the soundbar.
  • Select the right information both on your TV and soundbar.
  • Plug out the FireStick from your soundbar, restart it, and fitting it back in once more.
  • Likewise, detach and reconnect the soundbar and the TV.
  • Update firmware of your FireStick. Most likely the wrong sound settings lead to this issue.
  • In this way, read the client manual of each of the three gadgets to effectively associate them.


You might have further questions with respect to your Vizio soundbar. Consequently, here I will respond to a portion of the habitually sought clarification on pressing issues.

For what reason is my Vizio soundbar not turning ON/OFF with my TV?

It is the shortcoming of the settings in the event that your Vizio soundbar isn’t turning ON/OFF with the TV.

  • Press the “Home” button on your TV remote to get to the menu.
  • Pick “Settings” and turn ON the “Outside Inputs”.
  • Go to the “HDMI Settings” and change the “Auto Power-OFF” capability to programmed.

How to fix the Vizio soundbar switching OFF naturally?

Vizio soundbar has an “Energy Star” capability a power-saving component. This capability switches OFF the soundbar naturally after a lengthy time of dormancy. You can handicap this capability by squeezing and holding down the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons for 5 seconds.

Could I at any point keep my Vizio soundbar turned ON constantly?

Under specific circumstances, you can leave the soundbar on backup mode constantly. Be that as it may, for this situation, initiate the “Energy Star” settings. Leaving the soundbar ON all the time is definitely not a shrewd practice. Since it can hurt your gadget by overheating. Besides, it will utilize pointless power.

Could I at any point control my Vizio soundbar with the TV remote?

On the off chance that your TV upholds HDMI-CEC, you have some control over the soundbar with the TV remote. Interface your Vizio soundbar with the HDMI link and fitting into the ARC port on the TV.

Then, program the TV remote with the soundbar. HDMI-CEC has various names on various TV brands. You really want to empower this element from the TV settings.

Why my Vizio soundbar isn’t working with Optical link?

The principal reason might be that your Optical link is inadequate or harmed. Further, the link might be modest or inconsistent. Thus, attempt another link. Your TV should be refreshed to the most recent programming. You might not have associated the Optical link to the right port on your TV.


In this aide, I have incorporated the answers for all of the Vizio soundbar issues. Moreover, I have additionally added a few ordinarily gotten clarification on some things.

I propose you attempt every one of the tips referenced in this aide. They will without a doubt fix your gadget. In any case, in the event that nothing works, you should contact Vizio.

Since it tends to be an equipment issue that is causing the issue. On the off chance that your Vizio soundbar isn’t working or representing an issue, this article is a finished aide for you.

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