March 28, 2023

Final Fantasy XVI

Upcoming Final Fantasy XVI on PS5

Last Fantasy is making a beeline for the PlayStation 5 with another passage, Final Fantaxy XVI. The news was reported today during Sony’s support occasion with a short mystery.

The PlayStation 5 dispatches November twelfth for $499.99.

The trailer posted today prods a world wherein “The tradition of the gems has formed our history for quite some time” as a component of the forthcoming activity RPG. Close by its new dream setting, notorious figures from the arrangement, from Chocobos to brings like Shiva, can be seen all through. In a post from on the PlayStation Blog, maker Naoki Yoshida said the following enormous uncover for the game would happen in 2021.

In front of the PlayStation 5 delivery, Sony held an occasion today to grandstand its up and coming games and then some. Last Fantasy XVI is a PS5 selective. Square Enix’s last section in the arrangement, Final Fantasy XV, dispatched in 2016 after approximately a time of improvement.

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