March 31, 2023

Unob Aut 2021 - (September) Know The Complete Details!

Unob Aut 2023 Know The Complete Details!

In this Unob Aut post, we will examine the rundown of impractical stands in A Universal Time Roblox.

Do you like gathering Stands in A Universal Time Roblox game? In this post, you will find out with regards to hopeless stands and significantly more identified with Stands in A Universal Time game. This game is extremely famous in the Philippines, the United States, Canada and numerous different nations.

It is an activity and experience game that is roused by numerous TV series, anime and movies. The game has an intriguing storyline, designs and elements, and one of the significant elements is Stand, which gives you extra capacities. Absurd Stands are typically called Unob by gamers. Tell us more with regards to Unob Aut further in this post.

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What are Stands in A Universal Time?

Prior to jumping into the hopeless stands, let us examine Stands in a nutshell. Obviously, the game is basically founded on JoJo’s Bizarre experience in which Stands are showed truly by your mental energy.

Stands have practically a similar idea in the game. The stands battle adjacent to you and give you many invigorating extra capacities to utilize. You can acquire these Stands by doing certain errands or essentially exchanging them with another person, yet a few stands can’t be exchanged or gotten. Allow us to see more with regards to Unobtainable Stands.

List of Unob Aut

Generally Unobtainable Stands are eliminated from the game. The following is the rundown of Stands that you can’t acquire; nonetheless, you can exchange the vast majority of these stands:

  • Cake Platinum – It is a B-level impractical stand. Beforehand you can get it with a festival journal on Standless.
  • Creeper Queen – Previously, it was possible utilizing Holy Diary on Killer Queen.
  • Noob Platinum – It is S level impractical Stand beforehand you can get it with stub journal on standless.
  • Angelic Platinum – Previously, you can get it by DIO’s Diary on Galaxy Annihilator.
  • King Crimson Requiem – It is an A+ level Unob Aut Stand which could already acquire utilizing lord Crimson on Requiem.
  • Virtual Killer Queen – Previously, it very well may be gotten utilizing Creeper Queen on Duality.
  • Cypher (Steve Platinum)- It is A-level hopeless Stand. Beforehand it very well may be acquired utilizing Creeper Queen on Holy Diary.
  • Shadow Legs – It is a B-level impractical Stand. Beforehand it very well may be gotten utilizing Gift from the Gods on Shadow The World.
  • Diego The World High Voltage – Previously, it very well may be acquired utilizing The World High Voltage on Cosmic Orb.

These are the entirety of the known Unob Aut. You can’t acquire these Stands, however you can exchange. Nonetheless, if any of them exchange is locked, it can’t likewise be exchanged.

The Final Verdict

Numerous gamers are attempting various strategies to acquire the impractical Stands in the game, however it isn’t totally protected as it isn’t true. In the event that many Stands have been eliminated, many Stands are included the game too.

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