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About Treasure Hunter Simulator Android Free Download

Treasure Hunter Simulator Android Free Download allows you an opportunity to investigate verifiably significant areas worldwide and, by utilizing your metal locators, to find that past by discovering fascinating relics and becoming more acquainted with their authentic importance.

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Treasure Hunter Simulator Android Free Download, created by Drago Entertainment and distributed by MD Games, this is a quiet story-driven reproduction title. You investigate huge areas furnished uniquely with a spade, metal locator, and PDA. You’ll lose hours of your life looking for covered fortune in this great arcade, take on the metal recognizing side interest.

You may stress that a recreation title that exclusively centers around metal recognizing would be exhausting. Stress not! This has more to do than basically uncovering arbitrary patches of soil. You are approached to do jobs and occupations in different noteworthy areas all throughout the planet. Finishing every objective will acquire you eminence that upgrades your work prospects and permits you to buy further developed gear. To put it plainly, the better you do, the better hardware you can purchase.

With two game modes accessible, you can look over story or investigation. The investigation segment permits you to choose each area in the game. There are no responsibilities to take and you are distinguishing for entertainment only. The primary segment of Treasure Hunter Simulator is the story mode, and this is the place where you’ll invest the greater part of your energy.

Treasure Hunter Simulator

The story you experience is very fantastical and senseless, however you go with this is a result of the prizes you get. Your uncle has died, leaving you a legacy. You are informed concerning this fortune by means of a fairly dodgy looking email. It resembles those messages we as a whole get from tricksters that guarantee us twenty million US Dollars, however how about we make due. To get a lot of the domain you should substantiate yourself in the metal distinguishing world, finishing all missions while amplifying your renown.

You before long fail to remember the senseless idea of the story as you accept each position offered to you. You are approached to tidy up areas by chasing out metal refuse, discover explicit items, take photographs of landmarks and plants/scenes, etc. The missions have a fundamental subject yet there is sufficient assortment to keep you intrigued at each place of work.

Any place you go, you are allowed to keep whatever you find. Nails, stakes, old slugs, coins, adornments. And so on, it’s yours. This is significant, as garbage rises to cash. As you up your distinction better indicators become accessible to purchase. These permit you to look for objects covered up more profound in the ground and without the fresher gear you can’t expect to track down every one of the things.

The areas you visit are extraordinary and have verifiable importance and intriguing realities for you to find. A significant number of the items you find are connected explicitly to that space and offer an instructive understanding into social effects, showing the genuine side of fortune chasing.

Treasure Hunter Simulator

Relax if this isn’t your thing however as you can essentially skip it and return to burrowing. Like the new gear, new areas become accessible once you level up. You are offered new errands to finish however getting to these destinations costs cash. It’s anything but a shuffling demonstration of picking new hardware or new missions.

Working out from a first-individual point of view you feel like you are the metal distinguishing devotee. The encompassing scene looks excellent from a far distance, yet as you draw nearer, the surfaces become harsher, losing their clean. It doesn’t affect the ongoing interaction, and the exhibition is smooth, it’s essentially recognizable on each stage.

Treasure Hunter Simulator Android Free Download, there are a couple of glitches where the finder clears into the ground, or you glance through the guide when gathering things. This was a disgrace, as it gave the impression it required a little more on the advancement table.

However the game adopts a more arcade strategy, it doesn’t hold back on the authenticity. The sound is vital to this for certain unbelievable environmental sounds that upgrade every area. The clamors from your gear were extraordinary and the deafening blares from your locator fill you with thrilled fervor. I appreciated how the tranquil and loosening up sound compared the excitement of the great pitched hardware sounds. It put forth the attempt of looking advantageous.

At whatever point I play reenactment games, there is a niggling concern that it’ll be confounded to control. I’m worried that there will be heaps of catches to learn and it’ll feel like I’ve taken on another work, instead of playing a game.

Treasure Hunter Simulator

Treasure Hunter Simulator Android Free Download is astoundingly simple to play and its clear instructional exercise facilitates any apprehensions. Discovering treasure is helped by visual and sound pieces of information and burrowing requires one press of a catch. It needs intricacy, and this made it fun from the main second.

Looking in the earth to discover treasure is really habit-forming. From the second you hear the main signal to the ear-puncturing steady tone, it’s strangely invigorating. You discover huge loads of garbage, however this doesn’t discourage you since you realize the great stuff can’t be far away. This is the fundamental explanation I continued playing and for what reason I’ll get back to play it more than once.

There is no uncertainty this required more opportunity to be cleaned. It’s harsh around the edges however its center idea is sound and it’s playable. The assortment of undertakings, the capacity to step up, and the new hardware kept things new all through. I appreciated Treasure Hunter Simulator, however it is a gem waiting to be discovered. I enjoyed its arcade approach and different areas and I prescribe you to get it here! Help individuals out, discover invaluable fortune, and acquire a lot of the domain.

With areas dispersed everywhere on the world, you’ll need to discover something fascinating and important in your neighborhood woods to acquire the eminence and assets required for better gear and travel costs to intriguing, distant areas. You can choose to save ancient rarities for your assortment or to sell them off to travel significantly further or settle the score better stuff.

Treasure Hunter Simulator Android Free Download is certainly not a no-nonsense metal locator test system, but instead a blend of arcade and reenactment. With smoothed out indicator mechanics the game is pleasant for the devotees of the class, yet easygoing gamers too. Straightforward, natural ongoing interaction components joined with excellent scenes make for a really agreeable encounter.


  • 11 wonderful, hand tailored areas
  • 8 diverse metal finder types to update
  • 100+ curios to discover
  • 10+ incredible antiques
  • Artifacts can be found in different conditions
  • Identification and assortment of antiquities
  • Artifacts can be offered to support assets for better stuff and travel costs to far off areas

How To Install This Game?

  • Click on “Download” button.
  • Download this game
  • Open the Installer, Click Next and Choose the directory where to install.
  • Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory.
  • Open the Game and enjoy playing.

If you have any query regarding downloading this game then feel free to ask anytime.

Released Date

According to the latest news, this amazing game is released on 2023. You must have a look at the full version of this amazing game and download it quickly from here to enjoy yourself.

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