Top 20 Richest WTA Players Ranked by Their Net Worth 2022

The main 20 most extravagant WTA players on earth as indicated by their total assets can be found underneath. These tennis stars are the executioners on the court, including a couple of unbelievable sisters.

Top 20 Richest WTA Players

We have accumulated data from a few valid sources like Forbes, The Richest, and Celebrity Net Worth to concoct the total assets of the most extravagant WTA players on the planet.

Ana Ivanovic

Total assets: $16 Million

By coming out on top for 15 WTA Tour singles championships, Ivanovic figured out how to bring in more than $15.5 million in prize cash, which is the 25th most elevated in the untouched rankings.

As indicated by Fox Business, Ivanovic made $8.3 million of every 2015 alone. As a matter of fact, $6.5 million of that figure originated from her supports with brands like Adidas, Shiseido, and Dubai Duty Free.

Victoria Azarenka

Total assets: $18 Million

Victoria Azarenka has counted north of $34 million in prize cash throughout her celebrated vocation. Altogether, she has gotten 21 singles titles, while arriving at the best position in the ladies’ rankings back in 2012.

The Belarussian has been supported by Nike, Wilson, American Express, Citizen Watch, Six Star Pro Nutrition, Red Bull, InstaForex, and others.

Chris Evert

Total assets: $18 Million

As indicated by Celebrity Net Worth, Evert has made somewhat more than $9 million in competition prize cash. Stunningly, she has come out on top for 157 singles championships to oblige 32 pairs titles.

As well as showing up in advertisements all through her playing days, Evert even got a support bargain from the extravagance watch brand Rolex.

Sloane Stephens

Total assets: $19 Million

Stephens has understood a plenty of monetary accomplishment through her expert profession, bringing in around $16 million through prize cash from the various competitions.

Moreover, she was accounted for to be in the main five of the most generously compensated female competitors in 2019, having acquired $9.6 million that year alone.

Her greatest support is without a doubt Nike with whom she has a drawn out agreement. In the interim, a portion of her other significant accomplices incorporate Rolex, Verizon, and Quantum Energy Squares.

Kim Clijsters

Total assets: $20 Million

With north of 500 triumphs added to her repertoire, Kim Clijsters has brought in almost $25 million in vocation prize cash.

Related to that, Clijsters made millions throughout the years through her arrangements with any semblance of Fila, Babolat, EY, Kim Clijsters Sport and Health Club, Inner Me, SOS Children’s Villages, and TEN4KIM.

Lindsay Davenport

Total assets: $20 Million

The previous expert tennis star amassed a profession income figure of generally $22 million. Stunningly, Davenport was accepted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2014.

Moreover, Nike embraced her some time ago through dress, shoes, and on-court clothing. Likewise, the brand Wilson upheld her for their line of racquets too.

Martina Navratilova

Total assets: $20 Million

As per Spotrac, Martina Navratilova has procured $21.6 million in her playing days, which is great for eighteenth record-breaking in the WTA profession acquiring rankings.

The Czechoslovakian has held four key underwriting bargains throughout the long term. Those said sponsorships were with Avia sports shoes, Yonex rackets, Thorlo athletic socks, and Denon sound frameworks.

Billie Jean King

Total assets: $22 Million

Altogether, Bille Jean King brought home 39 Grand Slam championships, 12 of which were in singles competitions, while 16 were in pairs, with 11 being blended duplicates. It’s accounted for that she procured a sum of $1.97 million in prize cash.

Also, Life magazine named her one of the “100 Most Important Americans of the twentieth Century” in 1990.

Outstandingly, King is a piece of the possession gathering of the Los Angeles Dodgers as well as filling in as a worldwide envoy for Adidas.

Agnieszka Radwanska

Total assets: $25 Million

Approaching the best 10 of the most extravagant WTA players, Agnieszka Radwanska comes in having acquired about $27.7 million all through her profession from competition income.

Amazingly, Radwanska made $5 million simply in 2016 from her support manages noticeable brands like Lexus, Lotto, Babolat, Workday, Amica, and Rado.

Martina Hingis

Total assets: $25 Million

The Swiss tennis star comes in acquiring somewhat not exactly Radwanska at $24.7 million in vocation prize cash.

Only preceding the turn of the century, Forbes noticed that Hingis was the top-procuring female in the game, while additionally being the main positioned player.

Her heavy arrangement of supports incorporates Adidas, Ocean Spray, Yonex, and Omega watches.

Monica Seles

Total assets: $30 Million

During her playing days, Monica Seles made generally $15 million, which is an expected $25 million with expansion throughout the long term.

During the 1990s, Seles inked a long term manage athletic shoe goliath Nike Inc subsequent to marking a $4 million arrangement with Fila only a couple of years sooner. Obviously, Seles was a hot product back thriving.

Simona Halep

Total assets: $35 Million

Simona Halep is in the main five most extravagant WTA players as far as profession prize cash, having rounded up $38.2 million while playing.

She is one of the most perceived stars in Romania, which harmonizes with her worthwhile support manages brands like Nike, Vodafone Romania, Hublot, and Mercedes-Benz Romania.

Naomi Osaka

Total assets: $40 Million

The most youthful passage on the rundown is Naomi Osaka, who made a crazy $37 million simply in 2019 as indicated by Forbes.

As a matter of fact, just a little level of her total assets comes from her award rewards. The rest gets from her truly beneficial support bargains.

Outstandingly, Osaka has inked manages more than 20 distinct brands including Louis Vuitton, Levi’s, Tag Heuer, Nissan, Beats by Dre, Mastercard, and Nike.

Caroline Wozniacki

Total assets: $40 Million

Basically Sports reports that Caroline Wozniacki has made $35.2 million in profession prize cash. In the mean time, she amassed $7.5 million simply in the 2019 WTA schedule year.

She is one of the greatest acquiring WTA players ever. A sizable piece of her total assets comes from her sponsorship manages brands like Adidas, Yonex, Rolex, Turkish Airlines, Compeed BlisterPatch, and Godiva Chocolatier.

Anna Kournikova

Total assets: $50 Million

Anna Kournikova is likely the strangest section on the rundown of the most extravagant WTA players. That is on the grounds that she never come out on top for a singles championship and she just brought back home $4 million in vocation profit.

However, she has made huge number of dollars through her support manages brands like Adidas, Berlei, EllesseK-Swiss, Omega, Lycos, and Yonex. Those said organizations yielded her millions throughout the long term.

Likewise, she has featured in numerous magazines including the Sports Illustraded bathing suit version.

Li Na

Total assets: $55 Million

At the pinnacle of her tennis vocation, Li Na was making about $18 million every year from rewards and supports.

In 2014, Forbes noticed that Na made $5.6 million in rewards to go with a dumbfounding $18 million in support profit.

Her sponsorship portfolio includes any semblance of Nike, Samsung, Mercedes Benz, Haagen Dazs, among others.

Venus Williams

Total assets: $95 Million

The sister to Serena was a predominant power on the court by her own doing, acquiring almost $42 million in profession prize cash. She was even the world’s season prize cash pioneer two times in 2001 and 2017.

In addition, Venus has gotten millions all through her profession from organizations like Wilson, Electronic Arts, Kraft, Ralph Lauren, Tide, and a few others.

The California local sent off her own athletic attire line called EleVen too.

Steffi Graf

Total assets: $145 Million

Reports demonstrate that Steffi Graf made $21 million in competition prizes, which is what might be compared to $40 million in the present dollars.

Quite possibly the most conspicuous name to at any point beauty the tennis court figured out how to ink manages organizations like Opel, Rexona, Teekanne, Citibank, Danone, Barilla, Apollinaris, and some more.

Maria Sharapova

Total assets: $190 Million

Making her star debut in 2001, Sharapova has rounded up a sum of $39 million in prize cash throughout the span of her profession. What’s more, she has made a rewarding $300 million more (pre-burdened) in brand supports.

On many events, Forbes has named Sharapova the most generously compensated female competitor in the world.

In conclusion, she inked an eight-year manage Nike worth $70 million back in January 2010, while having held manages different organizations like Porsche, Evian, TAG Heuer, Gatorade, and others.

Serena Williams

Total assets: $225 Million

Maybe the best female tennis player ever, Serena Williams’ predominance has extended over the range of 10 years in addition to. She is effectively the most affluent of all the most extravagant WTA players.

Starting at 2022, she has come out on top for 23 Grand Slam singles championships. To oblige that, brands like Wilson, Gatorade, Delta Air Lines, IBM, Pepsi, Beats by Dre, JP Morgan Chase, Audemars Piguet, and Intel have all paid her liberally to be their representative.

Williams has counted $94.5 million in profession prize cash, with $12.4 million out of 2013 alone.

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