Things to do in Genshin Impact before version 2.7 (October 2022)

Genshin Impact affirmed that Version 2.7 will be deferred for an endless period, passing on players with minimal new happy to appreciate until the new update comes. Assuming you’ve been battling with what to do in Teyvat in these dry times, here are a few choices that can assist you with scoring Achievements, Primogems, materials, and the sky is the limit from there.

  • Play through current and forthcoming occasions, including the Marvelous Merchandise and Spices from the West.
  • Do Daily Commissions.
  • Spend Resin on Artifact Domains, Weapon Material Domains, and Weekly Boss fights.
  • Investigate The Chasm and the Underground Mines.
  • Get 100% investigation in regions you haven’t finished. Utilize Gadgets, for example, the Treasure Compasses, to assist you with tracking down the last couple of Chests and Oculi in every locale.
  • Complete Story, Archon, and World Quests.
  • Complete all Hangout courses.
  • Complete Battle Pass errands.
  • Go fishing.
  • Assemble new characters.
  • Attempt new group pieces.
  • Rout shared adversaries to cultivate materials.
  • Attempt new Recipes.
  • Take pictures around Teyvat.
  • Ranch materials for characters and weapons you intend to pull for from here on out.
  • Get all stars in the Spiral Abyss.
  • Play Serenitea Pot games in Co-operation mode.
  • Have a go at getting fight Achievements.
  • Look for Hidden Quests and Exploration Objectives.

While Genshin Impact presently can’t seem to deliver a timetable for Version 2.7, there’s still a ton to do in the game. This present time’s the ideal opportunity to be a completionist and quest everywhere for things you missed! Assuming you intend to enjoy some time off and re-energize until the new update, remember to in any case sign in routinely as Genshin Impact is giving remuneration each Wednesday from May 11, 2022, until Version 2.7 drops.

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