The dragon weapon charms in Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors are too cute to handle (October 2022) Exciting Details!

In Apex Legends, most players complete the Battle Pass for Legend skins, weapon skins, and additionally, just to say they did. All things considered, for Season 13: Saviors, there is another restorative that is certainly worth the drudgery. There’s generally a portion of Weapon Charms on each Battle Pass, yet two of the ones this season are 10/10 on the delightful scale: Loot protecting winged serpents.

A repeating topic in this season’s beauty care products is knights and mythical beasts. Each winged serpent has its crowd, and in the Apex universe, that is the same. The two mythical serpent charms, I Call Dibs and Finders Keepers, both show a winged serpent watching a plunder compartment. I Call Dibs, procured at Premium Battle Pass Level 72, is a more modest mythical beast on a Loot Roller. First come first serve, procured at Premium Battle Pass Level 96, is a greater winged serpent on top of a Supply Bin.

  • I Call Dibs (Epic Weapon Charm)
  • Finders Keepers (Epic Weapon Charm)

Is it a similar winged serpent more youthful and adult? Is it two mythical serpents of various sizes? Anything that the response is, we can’t move past the degree of delightful these charms reach. Time to crush the Battle Pass…

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