Square Enix copyright claims the World First Dragonsong War Ultimate kill video (October 2022) Latest Information!

Square Enix has copyright asserted the video of the World First Dragonsong Ultimate clear. The Dragonsong Ultimate Raid is Final Fantasy XIV’s freshest and most testing attack. Last week it was crushed by Neverland Raid Team, who therefore posted video of the kill on YouTube. Today (May 9), that video was copyright asserted and eliminated by Square Enix.

The expulsion was first brought to the more extensive local area’s consideration after a post on the Final Fantasy XIV authority Twitter.

In the post, Square complimented the victors of the race, yet in addition utilized it to feature its strategy on outsider apparatuses and alterations. They then connected to a full post on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone site.

In a Reddit string about the expulsion, clients conjectured about the thinking for the evacuation. Two speculations exist, one proposing that it has been taken out for an infringement of the Terms of Service (ToS), and others trusting it’s connected with the utilization of protected music.

The ToS infringement would be connected with the utilization of outsider instruments and UI (UI) modifying components in Final Fantasy XIV. On the planet first kill video, the perspective person utilizes modules to change the UI. An alternate perspective (PoV) of the kill, from the party’s priest, has gotten away from expulsion. Since this PoV flaunted just a single extremely minor UI change (a FPS counter in the top corner), this absence of expulsion made the UI adjustment hypothesis no doubt.

In any case, Square Enix has likewise generally been extremely persistent in copyright guaranteeing its music on YouTube. However, with the post on Lodestone, and the Tweet, it appears to be clear what Square Enix’s message is: Congratulations, yet no outsider devices.

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