March 27, 2023

Solo Leveling 169 PT (September 2021) When Will It Be Released?

Solo Leveling 169 PT (2023) When Will It Be Released?

Investigate the Solo Leveling 169 PT and know the purpose for the deferral in dispatching the most recent section. Peruse the substance here.

It is safe to say that you are attached to perusing web books? Is it accurate to say that you are likewise holding on to know the account of Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 169? Then, at that point, we are here to impart the short subtleties of it to you.

The anime lovers were contemplating whether to peruse the following piece of the story, however the most recent changes in the timetable have acquired the fans’ consideration in Brazil.

Why has the delivery been deferred? When will the most recent parts of Solo Leveling Manga be accessible? Assuming these inquiries are additionally striking in your psyche, how about we investigate Solo Leveling 169 PT.

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What is Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling or I Level UP Alone is a notable Korean book. Composed by Chu-gong, this was distributed in computerized funnies on July 25, 2016. The activity and dream storyline of Solo Leveling makes it more fascinating for anime darlings.

Background of the Novel

The clever’s experience interfaces you to the universe of people and beasts, where a little populace has gained heavenly powers to overcome beasts. Sung Jin-charm, frequently viewed as a hero, stands firm on the footing of the most vulnerable tracker in South Korea.

Solo Leveling 169 PT and its forthcoming sections can be seen better in case the story’s plot is clear.

In any case, on one fine day, when a risky double prison caught Sung Jin-Woo and some different trackers, not many of them figured out how to endure, while Sung Jin-Woo passed on. He then, at that point, woke up in the clinic and understood that he had changed into a stiring player. The novel forces made him a more grounded individual who could open the secrets of beasts.

What is the upcoming story of Solo Leveling 169 PT?

Sung Jin-Woo has crushed the rulers with his debris conceived power. In addition, the passage of the Shadow Army in the world to serve Jin has likewise been finished. The forthcoming story of the clever will bring heaps of activity as wars are in transit for Jin. The Monarch of Destruction has chosen to target Earth. Monitoring this assault, Jin-Woo had as of now got down on every one of the trackers for help.

Will the planet be saved from these assaults? How might Jin utilize its incredibly solid forces to overcome the beasts? The responses to these will be given when you will peruse the part Solo Leveling 169 PT.

Why is the release date of chapter 169 delayed?

As the creator, Jang Seong Rak, isn’t well, part 169, which should be delivered on 30, September 2021 has been deferred. The new delivery date is October 6, 2021. The date and season of delivery can shift in light of the diverse time regions utilized around the world.

There may be a shot at additional deferral in the delivery in case the creator’s wellbeing doesn’t recuperate. The normal delivery time is –

  • The Pacific time – Between 9 to 11 AM
  • The Easter time – Between 12 to 2 PM
  • The central time – Between 11 to 1 PM


The arrival of Solo Leveling 169 PT has just six days left. Thus, set your suggestions to peruse the most recent storyline as the commencement has effectively started.

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