March 21, 2023

Simulator Code X Steampunk (October 2021) Know Full Game Update!

Simulator Code X Steampunk (2023) Know Full Game Update!

This article gives data on the as of late delivered Steampunk codes and updates. Kindly read this article until the finish of Simulator Code X Steampunk.

BIG Games delivered a Steampunk update in Simulator X. Might you want to know what Steampunk is? Likewise, did you realize that BIG Games had delivered TWO Simulator Code X Steampunk on second October 2021? Right now, ONLY these two new codes are working.

Might you want to find out about the Simulator X Steampunk Codes? The Simulator X fans in the Philippines can allude to this article with every one of the subtleties of Codes and updates.

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What is Steampunk?

Steampunk implies a machine that works with the force of steam. In view of this idea, the BIG Game advancement group added another region in the game, which seems as though a plant site. It features businesses with consuming blazes of coal and structures with brilliant lights. Furthermore, Simulator Code X Steampunk region has dark subject tone. The Steampunk region has a major chest that can be noticed once you enter the Steampunk site. The Simulator X codes were delivered with extra updates conveyed beneath:

  • INSANE HACKER rank, and THE BEST position as TWO NEW RANKS. The Best Rank will give you 2x Ultra Lucky, 2x Super Lucky, 3x Triple Coins, 3x Triple Damage and 100,000 Diamonds. The prizes for Insane Hacker will be refreshed soon.
  • Punk eggs and Mechanical eggs are TWO NEW EGGS that are accessible at Tech Shop.
  • On the off chance that you gather in excess of 650 pets in the Simulator Code X Steampunk region, you get an extra space as TIRE 5 PET COLLECTOR.
  • For every one of your companions on the worker, you get a 20% percent additional coin help.
  • It comprises of profoundly esteemed Mythical Blimp Dragon and FIFTEEN NEW PETS.
  • More accomplishments are added.
  • 15 pet prepared are accessible in the tech shop as a long-lasting thing.
  • Likelihood of Legendary pets getting incubated is expanded.
  • The UX for breaking an egg is refreshed.
  • Scores of the players on the Global Scoreboard are adjusted.
  • Supporter pack isn’t accessible for 999 Robux rather than 1099 Robux.

Simulator Code X Steampunk:

  • ‘steampunkpets’ for 3X triple coin supports. This code was explicitly delivered to draw in gamers to investigate the Steampunk region.
  • Major Game observes 700K likes by reporting the ‘700kDiamonds’ code for getting 25K jewels in remuneration.
  • Both the codes were delivered on 02/Oct/2021.
  • When defining moments get 750K LIKES, it will deliver another code.

The over two codes are useful and can be utilized one time for each client account. To get to the Steampunk region, it would cost you 75 million tech coins and another 625K tech coins to purchase the way to arrive at Steampunk.


There are a few rewards once you open the enormous chest found in the Simulator Code X Steampunk region. Clients get NEW pets that should be cultivated. New pets can be moved up to expand their qualities in millions. The more pets with the most elevated worth you gather, the better you rank on the Global Score Board.

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