Quincy Isaiah Height (October 2022) Know The Complete Details!

Quincy Isaiah Height present has data related on sports dramatization that is getting famous among ball sweethearts.

Quincy Isaiah is definitely standing out because of his personality Magic Johnson in the games dramatization Winning Time. This series debuted on sixth March and got a basic endorsement rating of 86%.

B-ball darlings in the United States and Canada can see their legend Magic Johnson through this series. The ubiquity of the game is likewise coming off on this sports dramatization series. Till now, three episodes of this show have been broadcasted.


  • Complete Name – Quincy Isaiah
  • Gender – Male
  • Stature – 6 feet 3 inches
  • Ethnicity – American
  • Calling – Actor
  • Instagram dynamic name – quincyisaiah
  • Single/Marries – Single
  • Age – 25 years
  • Guardians – Gregory and Delores Crosby
  • Tutoring – Muskegon High School.
  • Higher education – Kalamazoo College

Quincy Isaiah as Magic Johnson

  • Quincy Isaiah has turned into an easily recognized name because of his acting in the new hit series Winning Time.
  • In the series, Quincy played the personality of youthful Johnson, attempting to win matches for his club. He helped Lakers Club came out on top for five titles from 1980 to 1988.
  • Depicting the personality of the best ball player ever is certainly not a simple undertaking.

Quincy Isaiah Height and different Details

His tallness is six feet and three creeps while he weighs 127 kg as of now. The age of the tall star is 25 and looks like the person played by him.

Quincy is acting his fantasy job as of now, and this is his presentation in the field of acting. He moved on from business college in 2017 and moved to Los Angeles to look for a job in the theater region.

At first, he battled to look for gainful employment for a long time and got his first break in 2019. His athletic foundation helped him during the preparation time frame, and the mentor got intrigued with his endurance and deftness.

Quincy Isaiah Height, physical make-up and different attributes assisted him with getting the job of Johnson in the series. He additionally played football in his school days, which assisted him with depicting the personality of the ball star.

Winning Time: Rise of Lakers Club

The games dramatization Winning Time was made by Max Bornstein and is displayed on the HBO channel on Sunday. There are ten episodes altogether, and three have been broadcasted as of recently. In its third episode on twentieth March, the passage of Magic Johnson is displayed alongside the proceeded with work to observe a lead trainer for the club.

The Quincy Isaiah Height group figured out that Winning Opportunity’s story takes care of three significant characters: Jerry West, Jerry Buss, and Magic Johnson. In episode two last scene, a warmed contention begins between Coach Jerry West and Jerry Buss, bringing about the surprising abdication of Coach Jerry West.

This occurrence sent the club all worked up as instructional course was going to start in three weeks.

Last decision

According to our intensive examination, we can say that the tallness of Quincy Isaiah is 6.3 feet and he is of 25 years old. Individuals keen on watching its next episode can get the series on 27th March on the HBO organization.

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