March 23, 2023

Project Star Quests (September 2021) Know The Exciting Details!

Project Star Quests (2023) Know The Exciting Details!

The much-anticipated game on Roblox has shown up. Assuming you need to know your QUEST in the game, read this exhaustive article about Project Star Quests.

The game was delivered on 27th March and refreshed on eighteenth September 2021 in the United States. It is a RP game, and it was created by creative mind burst and 10_Minute Ad Revenue. The game depends on vivified series of experience JoJo’s Bizarre. There are generally 3 million players of the game and more than 28K players every day. As of now, there are just THREE missions in the game.

Prerequisite for the Quests

Your journey in the game spins around getting stands. To get the stands in the game, you need to gather bolts. To get these bolts, you need to move around Cairo city. The more bolts you track down, the more possibilities you get for an uncommon stand. These bolts are just accessible in DIO’s chateau from D’arby Item Roll.

  • 1x Rarity Multiplier Stand Arrow
  • 1.5x Rarity Multiplier Unusual Stand Arrow
  • 2x Rarity Multiplier Gleaming Stand Arrow and
  • The most impressive 100x Rarity Multiplier Cursed Stand Arrow.

In Project Star Quests Multiplier Cursed Stand Arrow will be before long reflected. On the off chance that you get Rokakaka produce, it can reset every one of your stands. Conversely, Mysterious Rokakaka generate will reset your details.

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You can likewise store your stands in the Stand Storage Room by addressing Robert Speedwagon. D’arby, Robert, and Rokakaka are accessible in Cairo city, and you can likewise investigate the city edges. When you are in the Dungeon, the editorial person tree assumes a significant part permitting you to pick less cloth doll, more wellbeing, speedy possibilities, readiness, imperativeness, locales, safeguard, and legitimacy.

Project Star Quests

You can join field mode or private worker to play the game. First and foremost, you will get prepared in the Speedwagon organization working in Egypt with story mode. The THREE QUESTS in the game are.

  • Storyline journey in orange,
  • Missions journeys are Gray that rehash in the game. They should be possible whenever to acquire XPs and virtual cash.
  • Every day missions are Green.

To finish a Dungeon make, you need to go into a battle with the foe. When you complete the process of hitting NPCs with your M1, there is a 3 second cooldown period for M1. In the Project Star Quests, supervisors look like ordinary NPCs.

There are relatively few battling moves in the game however cloth doll. The Dungeon has simple, typical, hard, and bad dream play modes. You can play bad dream mode with the assistance of your companions as it gives you more XPs. A breeze WAMU will drop an air pocket hamo which will give you extra battle styles.

There are delicate covers from levels 20, 30, 35, 45, and 60 for doing customary missions, and they rehash at a hole of each ten journeys.


Presently, there are just two groups of designers who are fixing a few errors in the Project Star Quests. Right now, there are 3 sections in the game, and designers will add all the more soon. The game codes are yet anticipated. The Roblox Premium individuals are getting 15 extra XPs. There are world occasions in the game where you can battle different WAMUs.

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