March 28, 2023

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes (November 2021) Know The Exciting Details!

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes (2023) Know The Exciting Details!

These Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes will enable you to earn all three starters, the opposite version’s exclusives, and complete trade evolutions in the game.

Each Pokemon game has different variants that you can play by exchanging with Trainers, which is more straightforward in terms of professional career codes. To exchange a Chimchar for a Turtwig, you can utilize some bound together codes known as Link Codes in the games.

Austin John has uncovered another exchange code framework dependent on the Worldwide Pokedex numbers. The following are all of the exchange codes for Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond, just as for guidelines on the best way to utilize exchange Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes in the event that you stall out.

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What are the codes?

Open the chance to secure Mystery Gifts at the Jubilife City TV station by wrapping up the accompanying jobs: When you utilize the Mystery Gift work, you might obtain uncommon, restricted version merchandise just as Event Pokemon. Keep perusing for data on getting and utilizing Mystery Gifts in the Pokemon games Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond.

Pokemon Trade Codes for Beginners

Assume you wish to get the two beginning Pokemon that you didnt get to pick in Shining Pearl or Brilliant Diamond. You might utilize the accompanying exchange codes to do as such: Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Brilliant Diamond.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes

  • 0387-0390 (Turtwig-Chimchar)
  • 0387-0393 (Turtwig-Piplup)
  • 0390-0387 (Chimchar-Turtwig)
  • 0390-0393 (Chimchar-Piplup)
  • 0393-0387 (Piplup-Turtwig)
  • 0393-0390 (Piplup-Chimchar)

Prior to exchanging your starter Pokemon, breed a greater amount of it. You might do this in Solaceon Town with either a female starter or a Ditto. It is feasible to acquire all starters without exchanging, however you should initially open the National Pokedex.

Pokemon Trade Codes that are exclusive to a specific form

The accompanying exchange codes are planned to permit you to switch renditions of Pokemon that are explicit to either Shining Pearl or Brilliant Diamond (Get the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes here)

  • 0010-0013 (Caterpie-Weedle)
  • 0023-0027 (Ekans-Sandshrew)
  • 0058-0037 (Growlithe-Vulpix)
  • 0086-0079 (Seel-Slowpoke)
  • 0123-0127 (Scyther-Pinsir)
  • 0198-0200 (Murkrow-Misdreavus)
  • 0207-0216 (Gligar-Teddiursa)
  • 0239-0240 (Elekid-Magby)
  • 0246-0371 (Larvitar-Bagon)
  • 0273-0270 (Seedot-Lotad)
  • 0303-0302 (Mawile-Sableye)
  • 0335-0336 (Zangoose-Seviper)
  • 0338-0337 (Solrock-Lunatone)
  • 0352-0234 (Kecleon-Stantler)
  • 0408-0410 (Cranidos-Shieldon)
  • 0434-0431 (Stunky-Glameow)

These exchange codes focus on Brilliant Diamonds special features, yet they are the equivalent paying little mind to the form of the game you are playing at that point. All you need to do now is input the code and quest for a the Trainer adaptation selective Pokemon you require.


The Nintendo Switch rendition of Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond was delivered on November 19, 2021. Notwithstanding the previously mentioned, each and every individual who procures a duplicate of one or the other game before February 21 will be qualified to get Pokemon Platinum clothing for their coach through the Mystery Gift program.

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