March 27, 2023

Simulator Code X Steampunk (October 2021) Know Full Game Update!

Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes (2023) Collect To Redeem!

This article on Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes gives data on the most recent and dynamic codes delivered by BIG Games for Pet Sim X on second October.

The new update in Pet Simulator X was delivered. Steampunk is an exceptional region dispatched in Pet Sim X. With a considerable rundown of upgrades in the game; the BIG Games has additionally delivered two new codes. Right now, ONLY these two new codes are working in the game.

Might you want to find out about the Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes for Steampunk? For the fans in the Philippines, we carry the article beneath with every one of the subtleties.

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What is Steampunk?

It is another region added to the Tech world. Steampunk has a major chest of remunerations that you need to guarantee and cultivate. The Steampunk region has a dark foundation with modern looks. The ground floor of the structures on the site appears as though production lines with red, orange and yellow shaded flares coming out.

Interestingly, the upper piece of the Steampunk region has a brilliant shading and lights. It gives an ideal hope to suit the name Steampunk. The Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes update was delivered with extra updates conveyed beneath:

  • Two new EGGS – Punk egg and Mechanical. Both the eggs can be bought from the Tech Shop.
  • Fifteen new pets – It comprises of Mythical Blimp Dragon and a couple of different pets.

Two new positions to accomplish – The first is Insane Hacker, and the other is The Best. The Best Rank will give you 3x Triple Coins, 100,000 Diamonds, 2x Super Lucky, 3x Triple Damage and 2x Ultra Lucky. The awards for Insane Hacker are yet anticipated.

  • Tier 5 pet collection – You can get extra spaces on the off chance that you gather in excess of 650 pets in the game.
  • Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes update additionally accompanied a 20% additional coin support for every one of your companions on the worker.
  • The new update has added more accomplishments.
  • Fifteen pets are incorporated as an extremely durable thing in the shop.
  • Amazing pets are multiple times more hatchable in the game.
  • UX for opening the eggs is refreshed.
  • Numbers on the Leader board are adjusted, and just the initial three digits are shown.
  • The cost of the sponsor pack is brought down. Rather than 1099 Robux, you might buy it for just 999 Robux

The following are the TWO Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes:

  • ‘steampunk pets’ for multiple times the triple coin supports; particularly delivered with Steampunk region update on 02/Oct/21
  • ‘700kDiamonds’ for 25K jewels on the event of BIG Games Pet Sim X getting 700K preferences
  • Defining moments will deliver another code ONCE THEY RECEIVE 750K LIKES.


The ‘steampunk pets’ and ‘700kDiamonds’ are the main codes as of now being acknowledged. It would cost 75 million tech coins to purchase the Steampunk region and another 625K tech coins to buy a site to arrive at Steampunk. Thus, in Steampunk, open the EXCLUSIVE SHOP, click on the recover game codes choice to enter these TWO Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes.

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