Ottawa Sunshine List 2022 (October 2022) Latest Salary Details!

The article will teach you about the Ottawa Sunshine List 2022 and give you a short thought regarding the compensation design of the government employees.

Do you know the name of the greatest salaried community worker in Ottawa city? On Friday, the Government of Ontario delivered the rundown that provides you with the possibility of the most generously compensated community worker name. After the rundown was distributed, many individuals really look at the rundown in Canada.

The rundown uncovers that the public authority paid in excess of 100000 USD to the public area authorities last year. Subsequent to delivering the rundown, individuals need to find out about it. In the article, perusers will find out about-Ottawa Sunshine List 2022.

What Do You Know From the List?

  • According to the rundown, Ottawa city has 4741 workers. In any case, last year’s numbers were 4864.
  • Among 4741 representatives, there are 1436 workers from the police division. The rundown likewise incorporates 814 representatives from the local group of fire-fighters. The quantities of the paramedic’s staff are 307.
  • According to the Human Resources Council clarification about the rundown, the base compensation is around 100000 USD. The rundown likewise incorporates the representatives of the Public Library of the city.
  • Head of Human Resource Elizabeth Marland additionally shares that 32% of workers are on the daylight list.

Ottawa Sunshine List 2022-What Do You Know?

  • The rundown guarantees that the police boss and the high level specialists are getting the most significant pay. The town supervisor Steve Kanellakos is drawing the most significant pay. The wages of the Town Manager is around 370714 USD.
  • The top clinical official compensation is around 326602 USD. The rundown likewise shows that the previous police head of Ottawa was drawn 341827 USD last year. The previous police boss surrendered in February 2022.
  • As per the rundown, the two aide clinical officials, Doctor Robin Taylor and Monir Taha, procured 276,489 and 276488 USD last year.

Ottawa Sunshine List 2022-The Other Information

According to our web’s exploration, the rundown likewise incorporates the staff names of other fundamental divisions like – Transport, City Police Staff, Hospital’s workers and most generously compensated government employees of the city.

The data and information can provide you with some thought of the compensation structure.

Bernard Jasmin            Dean of the University of Ottawa               $439,349

Dr Bernard Leduc        President of Montfort Hospital                    $434,515

Dr Virginia Roth          Chief of the City Hospital                           $396,002

Joanne Bezzubetz        President of Royal Ottawa                           $376,873

Steve Bell                    Deputy Chief, Ottawa Police                       $265,093

There is itemized data on the compensation structure in the Ottawa Sunshine List 2022, which we shared previously.

For what reason is the News Trending?

The rundown was simply distributed on 25 March 2022. The rundown shows the immediate data on the compensation part of the public authority authorities.

Because of this explanation, the news is moving, and individuals are keen on actually taking a look at the rundown.


According to the review, assuming the rundown has distributed the office’s name, name of the individual, complete compensation bundles and changes of the compensation in that specific year. Other than this, the rundown has enrolled a sum of 573,568 sections. Anybody can really take a look at the essential information by checking the Ottawa Sunshine List 2022.

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