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Onetime candy maker based in Revere, Mass. Crossword Clue [Solved]

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Answer : RELIC

relic, relics, relique – n 
a surviving memorial of something past


antique, museum piece, artifact, fossil, dinosaur, antiquities, ruins, hangover, remains, remnant, trace, vestige


“From four to five hundred vessels of pottery finely made and elegantly shaped are indicated by the fragments recovered from the relic bed.”

“The contents of the relic beds indicate that they belong for the most part to the age of bronze, although in some cases they may be referred to the latter part of the Stone age.”

“One theory is that it is a relic of the early Christian church, symbolizing the battle of life and the triumph of good over evil.”


c. 1200, relik, “a body part or other object held in reverence or affection due to its connection with a holy person,” from Old French relique, relike (11c., plural reliques), from Late Latin reliquiæ (plural) “the remains of a martyr,” in classical Latin “remains, remnants,” noun use of the fem. plural of reliquus “remaining, that which remains.”

More Clues

  • NECCO Onetime candy maker based in Revere, Mass.
  • RELIC Roman Catholic priest brought in revered object
  • RICOH Office equipment maker based in Tokyo
  • ACER PC maker based in New Taipei City
  • INTEL Chip manufacturer based in California
  • MAZDA Car manufacturer based in Japan
  • WONKA Candy maker in the book “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator”
  • REESE Candy-maker H.B. who worked for Hershey
  • BROCK Candy maker
  • BOWED Bent in reverence
  • KNEEL Bow in reverence
  • ADORE Hold in reverence
  • AWAKE A king, held in reverence, is vigilant
  • BOW TO Bend before in reverence
  • RAISE Increase in worship with no piano
  • DEIFY I defy changes in worship
  • TEXTS Readings in worship services
  • PSALM Song used in worship
  • DELL PC manufacturer based in Round Rock, Texas
  • HUNTSMAN CSB _ Boats – NZ boat manufacturer based in Christchurch
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