May 30, 2023

Neverland claims victory for Final Fantasy XIV Dragonsong War Ultimate World First clear

The Neverland Raid Group static has turned into the World First gathering to clear the Dragonsong War Ultimate. After just about seven entire long periods of attacking, the gathering cleared Final Fantasy XIV’s hardest new battle.

In a resentful triumph that saw them outperform rivals Thoughts Per Second (TPS), Entropy, and others, the attack bunch cleared FFXIV’s most merciless assault, overcoming the absolute most treacherous mechanics at any point remembered for a MMO.

Refighting the Dragonsong War

Other than unshakable mechanics, eight stages, and accuracy situating, there was another status impact in play in this Ultimate Raid — profound harm. The Dragonsong War Ultimate makes you replay through the absolute most awful pieces of the Heavensward extension.

Most agonizingly, the assault drives you to remember the passing of a dearest confidant and even transforms it into a specialist. You get the opportunity to save the companion, and in the event that you don’t, the assault rebuffs you by catching you in a period circle — save your companion, or never complete the attack…

The triumph has placed Neverland Raid Group on the guide as probably the best Final Fantasy XIV players out there. In any case, for humans like most of us, we’ll need to stand by to see the exact thing the crazy mechanics in this strike seem to be. Sadly, Neverland presently can’t seem to deliver their kill video (to forestall spoilers for different groups), and the majority of the gatherings on later phases of the battle aren’t streaming.

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