March 28, 2023

Miah Pandinha Games (October 2021) Find Complete Reviews Here!

Miah Pandinha Games (2023) Find Complete Reviews Here!

This article portrays a YouTube channel made by a child and posts gaming surveys and different recordings in the Portuguese language. Peruse on Miah Pandinha Games.

Is it accurate to say that you are somebody intrigued by a YouTube channel possessed by a child who consistently posts recordings on their channel? Provided that this is true, you may have caught wind of this YouTube divert in which loads of recordings are transferred to acquire endorsers.

The vast majority of the supporters are from Brazil and other Portuguese-talking nations, as the language utilized in this channel is Portuguese. The vast majority of the recordings are taken utilizing a cell phone camera, and the recordings contain the voice of Miah Pandinha. Find out with regards to Miah Pandinha Games

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About the Channel

This YouTube channel was made on ninth September 2019, and the channel presently has a complete perspective on 1,170. On 23rd October 2019, the absolute first video on this channel was transferred. This video has 47 perspectives till date, and in the video, she clarifies the secret story of granny.

The second video on this channel is named “my Minecraft schedule,” She clarifies playing a Minecraft game and its subtleties. This video has a length of around seven minutes and is seen by 38 individuals. This video has a couple of preferences.

Miah Pandinha Games

  • The principle video content on this YouTube channel incorporates game audits of different cell phone games played generally by kids.
  • The length of recordings goes from a couple of moments to around fifteen minutes, as per the substance of the video.
  • The language utilized in the recordings is in Portuguese.
  • The majority of the recordings depend on child’s games. A few recordings incorporate the survey of toys and dolls which Miah Pandinha has.
  • There are an aggregate of 51 recordings transferred on this YouTube channel to date.

More About the Channel

  • The channel Miah Pandinha Games generally centers around the gaming kids searching for gaming audits and guidelines in Portuguese.
  • The fantasy of the maker of this channel is to have 1000 endorsers.
  • “Responding Translation Music’s Gacha life” is the most well known video on this channel, with 57 perspectives. This video is nine minutes in length.
  • The lengthiest video of this channel is “Jogando Among Us,” which is more than 15 minutes. This video has 23 watchers, out of which two of them enjoyed the video while one hated it. 29th October 2020 is the transfer date of this video. Find out about Miah Pandinha Games.
  • The most recent video transferred was on tenth December 2020. The video’s title is “Dandi nota pra jogos kkkkk” This video has 21 perspectives and a video length of 6 minutes and six seconds. Out of 21 watchers, three of them preferred the video, while two detested it.


As the fame of YouTube vlogging and game checking on recordings has expanded massively after the pandemic, more children are into this stage with intriguing and innovative recordings.

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