March 24, 2023

Mafagafo NFT (November 2021) Know The Exciting Details!

Mafagafo NFT (2023) Know The Exciting Details!

This article describes a play-to-earn online multiplayer game that uses non fungible tokens to buy and sell different gaming characters. Read on Mafagafo NFT.

It is safe to say that you are keen on investigating distinctive NFT based games? If indeed, you have shown up at the right article clarifying the well known NFT games examined among the gamers and gaming fans of the crypto local area.

Gaming fans and supporters from Brazil and different regions of the planet look for changed NFT games with a high potential to make a fortune before very long by taking part in various internet gaming occasions and contests. Peruse this article totally to find out about Mafagafo NFT.

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About Mafagafo Game

Mafagafo is a famous NFT game with a solitary profile, novel highlights, and uncommon gaming ideas that will help gamers a phenomenal opportunity to harvest more huge profit while partaking in the internet gaming highlights. The basic idea of the designers is to give fun and diversion to the gamers and procure thusly.

This multiplayer web based game gives gamers selective gaming characters, variety things, and a few guides to investigate and play. This play-to-acquire highlight likewise draws in proficient gamers and supporters to make a gaming local area and take part in different gaming exercises and occasions.

Mafagafo NFT

  • As it is a play-to-acquire web based game, the gamers are compensated for their time spent on the stage and their gaming abilities as per their mastery.
  • The most featured component of the Mafagafo game is that it is created in a rudimentary structure. These elements help to get a more extensive crowd going for every single matured individual.
  • The development buttons are restricted to four, making it extremely simple for fledglings. These four buttons perform gaming activities like swimming, skimming, running, and bouncing.
  • There is no time limit for any gaming occasions.

Group and Advisors

  • Flvio Brognara is the CEO of Mafagafo NFT gaming organization.
  • Alexandre Tolstenko Nogueira is the Game Dev Developer.
  • Ailton Svio is the backend designer and Devops engineer behind the Mafagafo gaming project.
  • Davi da Silva Bento is the Full-Stack engineer of the group.
  • The significant counselors of this task are Gustavo Medeiros, Thiago Nalesso Cardoso, Juninho Afram and Ever Portilho.

How to get Mafagafo tokens and NFTs?

  • Mafacoins, which is a Mafagafo token, is a sort of token that must be bought. The client can purchase and sell this token from the DEX trade. The agreement address for Mafagafo NFT token is 0x352631918ca5682290c841b54ce2e7fe3b73cea0.
  • Mafagafo commercial center is one more stage that assists gamers with purchasing and sell tokens. Here the clients can likewise sell their significant NFTs. The cost of the NFTs fluctuates as indicated by their fairly estimated worth.
  • One more strategy to get free Mafagafo tokens is by partaking in free airdrops. These airdrops are dynamic till 21st December 2021.


NFT based gaming stages are acquiring acknowledgment and prominence among gamers from the crypto space because of their high procuring potential.

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