March 31, 2023

Lugia Weakness Pokémon Go (November 2021) Know The Weak Points!

Lugia Weakness Pokémon Go (2023) Know The Weak Points!

In this post, we have discussed Lugia Weakness Pokémon Go and also Lugia’s Counters. Moveset and CP.

Is it accurate to say that you are a Pokémon Go fan? Might you want to know about its most recent Pokémon expansion in the game? In the event that indeed, this article is for you.

Pokémon Go has dispatched another occasion as of late, where it has once again introduced another Pokémon – Lugia and Pokémon Go players in the United States, United Kingdom need to find out about it. Along these lines, in this post, we will talk about Lugia Weakness Pokémon Go.

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About Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is an area based AR versatile computer game for Android and iOS gadgets. The game was created by Niantic with the joint effort of The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. Pokémon Go reformed and brought AR games into standard gaming. Starting at 2021, the game has more than 160 million month to month dynamic clients.

Pokémon Go works on GPS of cell phones to find, catch, mentor and fight virtual Pokémon, which seem, by all accounts, to be in the player’s genuine area. The games are free, yet there are numerous in-application buys. There are around 700 types of Pokémon presently in the game.

Prior to knowing with regards to Lugia Weakness Pokémon Go, let us study Lugia.

About Lugia

Lugia is a types of Pokémon in the Pokémon Universe inside the Pokémon establishment. The species was drawn by Ken Sugimori and was created by Takeshi Shudo. Lugia is a Flying-type and Psychic-type Pokémon as it has different mystic abilities, similar to clairvoyance, and can likewise fly, other than its water-based capacities.

In the Pokémon Universe, the Pokémon Lugia is regularly connected with the ocean and different components of water, which are the contrary attributes of Ho-Oh, the mascot of Pokémon HeartGold and Pokémon Gold which has relationship with fire.

About Lugia Weakness Pokémon Go

Lugia is an extremely amazing Pokémon with various powers, however like each other Pokémon, it has its own shortcomings. Here is a rundown of his shortcomings:

  • Ghost – Lugia is powerless against Ghost Pokémon like Gastly, Haunter and Gengar.
  • Dark – Another shortcoming of Lugia is Dark Pokémon like Greninja, Tyranitar and Inkay.
  • Electric – Electric-type Pokémon, for example, Pikachu, Raichu and Pichu are a shortcoming to Lugia.
  • Ice – There are additionally some Ice-type Pokémon like Jynx, Glaceon, Lapras, and Kyurem that make Lugia powerless.
  • Rock – Also, Lugia is powerless infront of Rock Pokémon like Growlithe, Geodude, Onix and Graveler.

Since we realize Lugia Weakness Pokémon Go let us talk about Lugia’s moveset, counters and CP.

About Lugia Counters, Movesets and CP in Pokémon Go

  • Counter – Lugia can counter against Zapdos, Raikou, Tyranitar, Mamoswine, Electivire, Weavile, Darkrai, Chandelure, Zekrom, Rampardos, and Thundurus.
  • Moveset – There are numerous moves of Lugia. Conceivable quick moves of Lugia are Dragon Tail and Extrasensory.Possible changed moves are Future Sight, Hydro Pump, Sky Attack.
  • CP – Lugia’s Raid Boss CP is 45,925, Normal CP needed to get Lugia is 2,115, and Weather Boost CP to get Lugia is 2,645.


Lugia is for sure an amazing Pokémon with various powers, and players can get it just in five-star assaults and incredible attacks. Visit the PokémonGo Info site to find out about Lugia.

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