Lost Ark Holiday Twitch Drop (December 2022) Know Complete Details!


For the first month after the launch of the game, you can get a Twitch Drop, which is a special gift that you can receive by watching your favorite gaming streamer. If you’re wondering how you can earn this gift, read on to find out. You’ll learn how to get it, how to use it, and even how to earn more.

Earn Twitch Drops during the first month after the game’s launch

Twitch Drops are a service offered by Ubisoft that provides a variety of rewards to viewers who follow a participating channel. These rewards include cool 10-day rentals, essential consumables, and premium vehicles. You can earn these rewards through a few simple steps. It is important to note that you can only collect Twitch Drops if you opt in to the program. This means that you must connect your account to the game you are watching on the Twitch site or app.

When you opt in to the Drops program, you will need to provide a Twitch account and a game developer organization. You can also opt in to the program if you own a game that is published by Ubisoft. If you are the developer, you can set up a campaign to provide Twitch Drops for users.

You can access the Twitch Drops Store by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner of the Twitch website. Once there, click the “Drops” tab. This will take you to a page where you can claim rewards. If you have not earned Twitch Drops, you will be prompted to do so. Once you have done so, you can then redeem them for in-game perks.

The Twitch Drops Store refreshes every Monday. When this happens, your tokens will be reset. If you have accumulated a lot of tokens, it may be wise to save them for higher value rewards. After that, they will be deleted. In order to keep track of your tokens, you can use the Twitch Drops Store Dashboard to track your tokens.

In addition to Drops, Twitch also offers an Entitlements Service. This is a tool that allows you to easily customize rewards for your viewers. The API allows you to provide a unique ID for your rewards, which can be used to claim in-game rewards.

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For example, you can specify a unique ID for your Lost Ark rewards. In addition, you can limit the number of previewers who can see the rewards before they are given out. This will help you to get a more accurate estimate of your Drops.

Twitch Drops can be claimed by fans of Lost Ark, who can then use the items to unlock premium items, including five different paper hats, a Battle Item Chest 3 Pack, and one of the five premium vehicles. These items can be found in the game’s inventory. However, they can take up to ten minutes to appear. You can claim them only if you have reached the minimum watch time, which is four hours.

Streamers can also compete to win additional goodies, such as the Saphia Pet Selection Chest. If you want to claim this reward, you will have to watch three in-game missions during the month. You will also have to watch a total of four hours of streams that are participating in the Drops campaign.

Earn Twitch Drops in WWE Supercard

If you’re not familiar with WWE Supercard, it’s a trading card collectible game. The game features a plethora of rewards, including cards and boosts. You can earn these things by playing the game or viewing a specific stream. The more you play, the more rewards you’ll have access to.

A new promotion for the game is the Legends of Lost Ark. This program is hosted by Twitch. You’ll need to create a twitch account and link it with your WWE Supercard account to participate. The best part is that you can earn free stuff in the process! This includes a “Twitch Drop.” You’ll need to watch four hours of a participating stream to earn the reward. This will include several items, such as a Founder’s Pack and an Energy Card. You can then claim the reward via the Twitch chat. You should be able to see it within 24 hours.

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The oh so very long list of rewards will be a little daunting. The coolest part is that you can actually choose from multiple prizes. For example, if you play the game and see the best Twitch Drop, you can choose to claim it or not. Assuming you choose to claim the prize, it will then appear in your inventory. You can also see if you’ve already claimed it. The rewards are only available for a limited time, and may have to be canceled if you’ve already received it.

The Legends of Lost Ark is a good way to get into the game and earn some Twitch Drops as you go. It’s actually an official program that is offered by Cat Daddy Games. It will run from February 8 to March 1 of 2022. You can also watch the game live on Twitch. To find out if your favorite streamer is taking part, you can check out their stream.

You should also check out the other tidbits of the Legends of Lost Ark. For example, you can learn about the various Twitch Drops you can earn, which will help you improve your overall experience. This may also be the only way to earn those elusive Founder’s Packs. However, you’ll only be able to take home one of the five hats in the “Twitch Drop” if you are the lucky winner. Having won a hat, you can then proceed to claim the rest of the prizes.

The most important thing to remember is that the Legends of Lost Ark is not just about getting your hands on the coveted “Twitch Drops.” Rather, it’s about having fun and being part of the community. Whether you’re in the know or just a casual fan, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a good time playing the game and earning the Twitch rewards.

Earn Twitch Drops in New World

If you’re interested in getting free loot in Lost Ark, you’ll want to take advantage of the Twitch Drops. You can earn Twitch drops by watching streamers in the game, and then redeem them for in-game goodies. The first time you do this, you will need to link your Steam account to your Twitch account. You’ll also need to watch at least four hours of a participating stream to claim a drop.

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There are two kinds of Twitch Drops. They’re called regular Twitch Drops and monthly Drops. They can be claimed in-game or from the Twitch inventory page, where you can check the progress on any incomplete drops. In addition to the Twitch Drops, there are various in-game events that give away Twitch tokens. Some of these events, like the Wheel of Time Crossover, start today.

There are several events to choose from, and you may find some of these offers very valuable. For example, during Winter Convergence, you’ll be able to complete limited-time quests for cosmetic items. Another event, the Vykas challenge, begins soon. The latter event is a competition between teams of streamers to claim exclusive skins and emotes. During this event, players can also earn Founder’s Packs, which offer extra in-game items.

Twitch drops have been given out regularly since the release of Lost Ark. Currently, there are four different kinds of Twitch drops. You can get the best ones by playing the game, or you can get them by watching certain Twitch streams. The Twitch Store is a special shop that will allow you to access valuable items. There are also Premium vehicles and other in-game perks.

The Twitch Store offers a range of in-game goodies, such as a Battle Item Chest 3-pack, as well as the Stylish Bear Skin Set. The Stylish Bear Skin Set contains a hat, head, pants, and chestpiece. It also comes with 1,000 Amethyst Shards. The Amethyst Shard Set is useful for all sorts of purposes.

In addition to Twitch Drops, you can also earn New World Twitch drops. This new feature is included in the March update for the game. The March Update also includes the return of the New World Indigo Flame. You can earn the Indigo Flame by watching eligible Twitch streamers. You’ll have to spend at least two hours of watching these streams to get the full effect. The rewards are worth the effort, however.

As you can see, the Twitch drop campaign is pretty exciting. However, there were some issues. Some people had trouble logging into their accounts. Others had difficulty figuring out how to activate the Twitch drops. Some Twitch streamers were even unable to play the game. This may be because of a server issue. If this is the case, it’s possible that the drops may not appear in-game as soon as you’d like.

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Other details

Lost Ark Twitch viewers may receive brand-new holiday-themed Twitch Drops from December 16 to January 10! For a chance to receive these fantastic drops, watch participating Twitch streams: The Stylish Bear Skin Set Selection Chest comprises a Head, Chestpiece, and Pants as well as 1,000 Amethyst Shards. It also contains a 3 Battle Items Chest that has a Healing Battle Item Chest, a Utility Battle Item Chest, and an Offensive Battle Item Chest.

Below is information about qualifying conditions and how to take part that was taken from the official Lost Ark Steam article. Furthermore, Stylish Bear Skin Set Selection Chest Twitch Drop events will be suspended on Thanksgiving Thursday.


For this Drop prize, Lost Ark viewers must log 4 hours of watch time on participating Lost Ark broadcasts.

Creating a Twitch Account Link

You must make sure that your Lost Ark Steam account has been connected to your Twitch account in order to receive the drops. Any freshly claimed Twitch Drops will be automatically transferred to the Lost Ark game connected to your Steam account once you’ve linked the two.

You must: to link the accounts.

  • Log in to Twitch using your account from the Lost Ark Drops website.
  • your accounts together
  • Start the Lost Ark Twitch Drops.

Getting Twitch Dropped

Be certain to: in order to receive a Drop.


  • Watch any Lost Ark broadcast marked with the “Drops Enabled” tag and make sure your profile is set to online.
  • Once you’ve fulfilled the prerequisites, a call-out to claim will appear at the top of the discussion. In the Drops inventory section on Twitch, you may always claim a drop or monitor its progress.
  • Please be aware that in order for the Drop to appear in the game, you must first claim it.

Twitch Drop Streams for Lost Ark

The Drops can be activated by any Twitch broadcast in the Lost Ark category. However, to ensure that your watch time counts toward the cap, make sure the stream you’re watching has the tag “drops enabled.”

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