Killing players knocked down by eliminated teams no longer awards kills in Apex Legends (October 2022)

There are less kills in Season 13 of Apex Legends to go around, in a real sense. Prior to Season 13: Saviors, there was a simple method for getting kills that most energetic players knew however no one jumped at the chance to discuss. That was on the off chance that another group brought down however didn’t kill a couple of players in one more group and afterward got wiped out prior to having the option to kill them, another group could swipe in for the kills. All you needed to do was take out the brought down players to get each kill.

Ability is certainly a major piece of Apex Legends, and getting kills for shooting players that can’t retaliate was generally somewhat modest. All things considered, this change implies less kills will be granted per match in light of the fact that any time this happens, no group gets the kill. We previously referenced this adjustment of the Ranked Reloaded news piece, and with the Saviors Patch Notes, it was affirmed this change would likewise influence easygoing and competition play.

This will make it harder for players to get high-kill based accomplishments, for example, the 20-kill Wake Banner Badge, yet it will cause the game a smidgen all the more fair for the individuals who to procure their kills.

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