Is Kingdom Hearts 4 based on Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Square-Enix has uncovered Kingdom Hearts IV, stunning the world for the establishment’s twentieth commemoration with another trailer portraying Sora in a Tokyo-like city. The setting is Quadratum, in view of Tokyo’s Shibuya region, however for what reason does Kingdom Hearts IV have fans addressing whether it depends on Square-Enix’s dropped Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

How is Kingdom Hearts 4 connected with Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Quadratum initially showed up close to the finish of Kingdom Hearts III, in which Riku dreams of it, and Sora is shipped there. Realm Hearts III’s DLC highlights a fight against a person named Yozora, who would have been the primary person of Versus XIII however presently looks similar to Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis.

Versus XIII was initially wanted to be delivered on Playstation 3, as an ally to Final Fantasy XIII. Square-Enix planned it to zero in on topics relating to “a dream in view of the real world.” However, the venture was rebranded as Final Fantasy XV-being past the point of no return a delivery for that age and too convoluted a creation.

Given the audacious pragmatist stylish of Quadratum and the story ramifications of Yozora, it’s sensibly speaking to expect the universes of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XIII are connected however we can hardly wait to find out without a doubt.

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