March 23, 2023

In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals 2021 - (September) How To Find Location?

In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals 2023 How To Find Location?

The aide shares insights concerning the shading bottles that players can discover In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is going full speed ahead, and players from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States are partaking in the season. The astonishing piece of the period is the shading bottles that players need to gather. The Color Bottle for Banana Yellow is the extraordinary one that players can discover in Rainbow Rentals.

Rainbow Rentals is arranged in the southern piece of Holly Hatchery and west of Shanty Town. In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals, there are five rental homes, and all are three segments in length, containing a gallery sitting above the sea shore.

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What are Fortnite Rainbow Rentals?

Fortnite Rainbow Rentals is the area on Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8, where players should visit to update the Toona Fish and discover the Color Bottle for Banana Yellow. The essential region on the guide opens numerous things, including Banana Yellow Color Bottle for Toona Fish.

In any case, players should know the area on the guide with the goal that they can get to it without any problem. In the event that you have never visited the Rainbow Rentals before, you might think that it is trying to find the place and investigate the Color Bottles.

In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals – How to Find the Location?

There are explicit advances that players should follow cautiously to discover the Rainbow Rentals on the guide.

  • Players are needed to arrive on Holly Hedges and get a weapon. It guarantees that foes searching for a similar shading bottles can’t get a simple kill.
  • Head towards the southwest course of the seaside sea shore in the wake of gathering the pinion wheels
  • Rainbow Rentals is arranged the far west way of the game guide.
  • Subsequent to arriving at the area, you should track down the three shading bottles for Banana Yellow In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals.
  • In the wake of gathering them, you need to open the shading for Toona Fish.

These means will assist you with finding the area and track down the three Color Bottles for Banana Yellow.

Where to Find Banana Yellow Color Bottles in Rainbow Rentals?

In the wake of arriving at the Rainbow Rentals, players need to track down the three shading bottles. The following are the areas where players can see the three shading bottles in the Rainbow Rentals.

  • The main shading bottle is accessible over the stones under the enormous tree disregarding the sea shore
  • Solidly in the center of the house, the subsequent shading bottle is accessible In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals
  • The third shading bottle is accessible in the middle of some unidentified rocks

These are the areas where players can discover the shading bottles at Rainbow Rentals. Subsequent to gathering each of the three shading bottles on the guide, players can open the Banana Yellow tone for the Toona Fish. The tone can likewise be prepared in the storage accessible under the “Alter” segment.


Rainbow Rentals is the area accessible in the game guide of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8. The site permits discovering shading jugs to open the Toona Fish dog in the fight. Since you know the means and areas to discover the shading bottles In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals, you can begin your chase now.

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