May 30, 2023

How to unlock Shiva in Chocobo GP

There are various characters in the kart racer Chocobo GP. This Final-Fantasy racer pulls different characters from the games, including saints, miscreants, side characters, and even request. One of these incorporates Shiva, which might leave you considering how to open Shiva in Chocobo GP.

To open Shiva in Chocobo GP, you want to beat Chapter Four Episode Two in the Story Mode. When you do this, Shiva is opened and added to the shop. In any case, you can’t play as Shiva yet until you buy her

How to get Shiva in Chocobo GP

To get Shiva in Chocobo GP, you should buy her subsequent to finishing Chapter Four Episode Two. From that point onward, she will be added to the Ticket Shop in the in-game store. Shiva costs 40 Tickets, and when you buy her, you can play as Shiva in Chocobo GP.

So assuming you were asking why you opened Shiva and can’t play as her, this is the reason. Until you buy this person, you can not play as her. So set aside your Tickets and purchase your beloved characters!

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