How to drift in Chocobo GP

In numerous ways, Chocobo GP is a standard truck racer game. One element that has generally been a staple piece of the class is drifting. Drifting in Chocobo GP is simple, and a decent method for getting around sharp corners and interesting turns. Drifting is a base capacity, meaning you needn’t bother with any kind of capacity or full check to utilize it. We should investigate how to drift in Chocobo GP.

Drifting in Chocobo GP

Doing an effective drift will require the player to take a turn while utilizing the drift button. The drift button can change contingent upon your control design. For the standard Type 1 control set, drift is R. This is additionally valid for Type 2, nonetheless, assuming you select Type 3, the drift button will rather be Y.

You’ll need to drift at the pinnacle of your turn, don’t do it too soon or past the point of no return. Assuming that you do a fruitful drift , it will tell you in the upper left corner of your screen, right beneath anything things you have.

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