How to defeat Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella in Elden Ring

The Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella is a mystery manager in the Ainsel River Well situated in the northwest chamber. The manager can be quite challenging to reach, not to mention beat, yet with the right procedure, you can overcome the Dragonkin Solider of Nokstella and get a few incredible awards for making it happen.

The most effective method to Reach the Dragonkin Soldier of Sokstella

The initial step to getting to this manager is getting past the Ainsel River Well, which is no simple assignment. Begin by going to one side in the Ainsel River Well Depths and you will get to the Uhl Palace Ruins. There is an exceptionally strong adversary situated at the highest point of the remnants. The foe can be passed by or crushed prior to continuing on. After the Uhl Palace Ruins, go to the passage situated on the west side of the chamber. Follow the passage north until you get to an enormous chamber. Prepare for a troublesome manager battle.

Defeating the Dragonkin Soldier of Sokstella

The Dragonkin Solider can be an undeniably challenging manager that can do huge measures of harm with each hit. Toward the start of the battle, the manager will utilize rushing strike assaults, however be careful in light of the fact that a considerable lot of these jumps can be circled back to more assaults. The Dragonkin Soldier’s hooks will gleam while doing a strong subsequent assault so watch for that. The supervisor has a jumping vertical cut assault that leaves it open for scuffle assaults. Gone assaults or enchantment can likewise be compelling, yet ensure you are continually moving, on the grounds that the manager will continue to assault.

During the second period of the battle is the place where things get truly precarious. The Dragonkin Soldier will deliver an impact of power and develop wings. At the point when the Dragonkin Soldier takes off, it will play out a strong plunge assault or send off a progression of AOE assaults that can demolish. The AOE assaults are shown by lightning beating on the ground, so stay away from these spots and continue to run. A decent methodology for scuffle clients is to move under the manager as it terrains and assault the legs for a fast completion.


Subsequent to overcoming the Dragonkin Soldier, it will drop a strong spell called Frozen Lightning Spear, which requires 34 Faith to utilize. The enormous entryway at the rear of the chamber will likewise open, uncovering a money box. Inside is a Great Ghost Gloverwort, which can strenghten eminent remains to +10.

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