How To Connect Multiple JBL Speakers Together (October 2022) Know The Latest Authentic details!

Today, in this article, I will direct you how you can associate at least two JBL speakers together utilizing a Bluetooth association. Right around 100 JBL speakers can be associated with one another (Only Supported speakers with the JBL Connect+ include).

Interfacing various JBL speakers utilizing Bluetooth is a lot more straightforward and you can build your sound level up to multiple times in the event that you wish.

JBL Flip, JBL Charge, JBL Extreme, JBL Pulse, JBL Clip, and JBL Boombox speakers have the “JBL Connect” include that permits associating JBL speakers to one another.

Assuming you have at least two JBL speakers from any of these series with the JBL Connect highlight, you can coordinate them up and play sound from every one of them simultaneously.

Remember whether you need to coordinate 100 JBL speakers, every one of them ought to have a “JBL Connect+” highlight rather than “JBL Connect”.

With something like two JBL speakers coordinated, you can appreciate stronger and sound system sound with more bass. For huge open air parties, there could be no greater way than interfacing various JBL speakers and having some good times.

Regardless of whether you love music and for the most part live external the home, you ought to purchase at least two JBL speakers as opposed to building a home sound arrangement. With just two JBL speakers, the sound quality is very much like a home theater.

You can likewise utilize the “JBL Connect” application to interface various JBL speakers. In any case, if you would rather not utilize the application, it is so natural to associate every one of them together utilizing Bluetooth.

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The Basic Condition to Connect JBL Speakers

To interface different JBL speakers together, they should be furnished with a similar association convention. JBL speakers come in many models and every one has different availability innovation.
Each new model accompanies a high level rendition, as a matter of fact. Yet, the more seasoned model can’t be moved up to the new innovation.

It will be more straightforward for you to interface with different speakers assuming you know their innovation. Thusly, I have recorded here different JBL models and their innovation;

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JBL ‘Associate’ Technology

Following JBL speakers are outfitted with ‘Interface’ innovation;

  • Beat 2
  • Flip 3
  • Cut 2
  • Charge 3

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JBL ‘Connect+’ Technology

These 5 speakers accompany this ‘Connect+’ include;

  • Flip 4
  • Beat 3
  • Xtreme 2
  • Boombox
  • Charge 4

‘PartyBoost’ Technology

The followings are the most recent JBL speakers with ‘PartyBoost’;

  • Flip 4 and Flip 5
  • Beat 4 and Pulse 5
  • Boombox 2 and Boombox 3
  • JBL Xtreme 3

Moves toward Connect Multiple JBL Speakers

Here are the moves toward interface various JBL speakers together.

1. Check the Compatibility of Speakers

First you really want to affirm their similarity. Assuming that you own similar model of speakers, they can be associated easily.

Notwithstanding, assuming they are of different models, you really want to affirm that they include comparable availability innovation. Check the ‘Interface’ button on your speakers to decide their similarity.

The ‘Associate’ button is as an hourglass symbol. You can perceive its sort by the accompanying technique;

  • The hourglass symbol having round edges demonstrate that your JBL speaker has a ‘PlayBoost’ highlight.
  • The hourglass symbol with straight edges demonstrates the ‘JBL Connect’ innovation.
  • Straight edges with a + sign show the ‘JBL Connect Plus’ element.
  • Thus, in the event that your JBL speakers have a comparable ‘Interface’ highlight, they are viable with one another and can be associated together.

2. Switch ON All JBL Speakers

You might be attempting to interface at least two JBL speakers. So in the initial step turn ON every one of the speakers you need to match up together.

Press the ‘Power’ button for a couple of moments to turn ON a JBL speaker. The LED pointer will gleam blue or white and you will hear an affirmation tone.

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3. Associate All JBL Speakers To Source

At the point when you have turned ON all the JBL speakers, associate them all to your cell phone or some other source like an iPad, Computer, and so on utilizing Bluetooth.

You need to associate every one of them with the equivalent cell phone. Your cell phone might have a cutoff to interfacing these speakers.

Connect All JBL Speakers To Source

Go to the ‘Settings’ on your cell phone and afterward tap the ‘Bluetooth’ choice.

Empower Bluetooth, it will examine the close by gadgets, click your JBL speakers to associate.

Presently, press and hold the ‘Bluetooth’ button on your JBL speaker, discharge it when you hear a tone.

Return to your cell phone, it will show a rundown of accessible Bluetooth gadgets, pick the right gadget.

4. Play Sound From Source

At the point when all your JBL speakers are associated with the source, play sound from the source like your cell phone or PC. This sound will play just from one of your JBL speakers.

Play Audio From Source

You can play the saved sound documents as well as from the music applications like Spotify and Google Music. Increment the volume on your telephone to play the music from the speakers.

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5. Press The “Interface” Button on Playing JBL Speaker

As sound will play from one of your JBL speakers, so you really want to interface with others also. Press the “Associate” button on the speaker from which sound is being played.

Connect Button on Playing JBL Speaker

6. Press The “Associate” Button on Other JBL Speakers

Presently in the last step press something similar “Associate” button on any remaining JBL speakers that you need to associate together. Ensure they are first associated with the source.

You are completely finished. All your JBL speakers are currently associated together and playing sound from a similar source at a solitary time.

Watch Video to Learn Party Boost of Jbl Speakers


A few inquiries might be confounding you in regards to interfacing JBL speakers together. To that end we have responded to them ahead of time for you.

How would I detach one JBL speaker from many associated together?

There are two methods for detaching a speaker when numerous JBL speakers are associated and playing together. You can either press the “Associate” button once more or turn that speaker off. Along these lines, just that specific speaker will be detached while all others will keep playing sound.

Could I at any point associate JBL Flip and JBL Charge speakers together?

Indeed, you can coordinate JBL Flip and JBL Charge speakers with one another on the grounds that both of these series have the “JBL Connect” highlight.

Why my JBL speakers don’t associate together?

Just those JBL speakers that associate together have the “JBL Connect” highlight. Both of your speakers won’t have this element. In this way, your JBL speakers won’t coordinate.
How to play associated JBL speakers in a single mode?
You can play the associated JBL speakers either in ‘Surround sound’ or in ‘Party’ mode. These settings can be applied by means of the JBL application. This application can be downloaded on your cell phone and is viable nearly with all JBL speakers. In any case, just similar models can play in sound system mode.

Might I at any point overhaul the availability innovation on my JBL speaker?

JBL Charge 3 is the main speaker that can be moved up to ‘PartyBoost’ from the’Connect+’ include. This should be possible by the portable application. While you can’t redesign the availability convention on any remaining JBL speakers.

What is the distinction between JBL Connect+ and PartBoost highlight?

JBL Connect+ permits you to coordinate the speaker inside a 30 feet reach to get continuous sound. While the ‘PartyBoost’ has further developed range. It can lay out an effective association inside 60 feet range.

How to affirm that my JBL speaker is unique?

The first JBL speakers come in quality bundling. It has a high-goal finished print and JBL cut on the speaker. Besides, the item ought to likewise have a chronic number, Barcode sticker, consistence symbols, and brand fine print.


By effectively interfacing speakers with one another, you can appreciate greater gatherings. It is an astonishing element of JBL that it can match up to 100 different speakers.

Every one of the speakers synchronize impeccably with one another to give an even strong. Thus, interface various JBL speakers and take the diversion to a higher level.

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