How to complete the Lost Runes Pillars Puzzle in Diablo Immortal? Easy Way!

Diablo Immortal has been delivered and as you assume the swarms of devils, you will go through the entire mission finishing journeys. One of these missions, Lost Runes, contains two riddles that can be challenging to finish. The light points of support puzzle is first, then the mirrors puzzle. Here is the answer for the light support points puzzle.

How to light the nine lamps

This puzzle expects you to light each of the nine lights on the double. On the off chance that you select a light it will light that light and send a fire to the points of support that are nearest to the one you chose. Arbitrarily tapping the points of support won’t tackle the riddle, tragically. You really want to choose them in the above request, beginning with the four corner lights, and afterward the middle light.

The answer for the riddle can likewise be tracked down in the book to one side of the support points. After each of the nine lights are lit, the rune will show up and you can go on with the mission. You will then, at that point, need to find the excess two runes, the subsequent rune is gotten after a short tip top foe find, while the third rune will expect you to finish a riddle containing mirrors.

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