How to complete the Lost Runes Mirrors Puzzle in Diablo Immortal? Easy Way!

Diablo Immortal has been delivered and as you assume the crowds of evil presences, you will go through the entire mission finishing journeys. One of these journeys, Lost Runes, contains two riddles that can be challenging to finish — the light support points puzzle is first, then the mirrors puzzle. Here is the answer for the mirrors puzzle.

How to illuminate the Rune in Diablo Immortal

This puzzle expects you to move the light emission from its starting point highlight the reviled rune. The light will skip off of the mirrors in the room that can be re-situated by choosing them. The most effective way to settle this puzzle is to make a beeline for the carcass on the right half of the room, as imagined.

This will include blue square shapes the ground close to the mirrors. You should move the mirror into these positions. You will just have to move the two mirrors in the middle, nearest to the reviled rune. Push both of these mirrors down. The left mirror should be pushed two times. The light will then reposition, bobbing off the mirrors and raising a ruckus around town rune. You can then take the rune, and be wary as whenever you’ve taken it, a few phantoms will produce.

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