May 30, 2023

How to beat the Golden Wolflord in Sprial Abyss — Boss Strategy

There are a couple of managers that have collected reputation in Genshing Impact. One of these is the Golden Wolflord, which generally remains far away from players at his field on Tsurumi Island. Since he has been moved into the Spiral Abyss, this manager has turned into an issue that numerous players need to confront.

Golden Wolflord methodologies

Here are a few ways to bring down the Golden Wolford:

  • You have to have a Geo-user on your team to break his shield.
  • He spends a lot of time flying around, so hit him with everything you got as soon as the battle begins.
  • A Bow-user ensures that you keep hitting him throughout the battle.
  • Zhongli’s tower helps deal damage when he’s in the air.
  • A healer is highly reccomened, as he will use Corrosion to drain your team’s health.

The best group to use against the Golden Wolford is Mono Geo. This generally contains a few five-stars, which makes it difficult to set up for most players. Players have likewise been utilizing Bursts, similar to Xiao’s, to rapidly tear through his wellbeing toward the beginning of fight.

Remember that safeguards don’t stop consumption, and you should trade out a spot for a Geo character. Since the Wolflord’s Skulls need Geo harm to break, Ningguang and Gorou are a sure thing.

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