How does the Drive System work in Street Fighter 6? Complete Details!

Street Fighter 6 is presenting another repairman with this portion. The Drive System is fueled by the Drive Gauge. The measure will top off naturally throughout a match and permits players to execute key moves. Be that as it may, be cautioned: assuming the Drive Gauge is drained, it will leave your personality defenseless. Obviously, Street Fighter 6 isn’t apprehensive about attempting new things, yet exactly how does the Drive framework function?

Street Fighter 6 Drive System Details

Drive Impact

Drive Gauge Cost x1

A strong strike that can retain a rival’s approaching assault. Play out this on a rival forced into the tight spot to initiate a divider splat, regardless of whether they block the assault.

Drive Parry

Drive Gauge Cost Consumption

Naturally repulse a rival’s assault and recharge Drive when performed effectively. Play out a Perfect Parry by repelling not long before a rival’s assault hits you.


Drive Gauge Cost x2

Press two of a similar button type rather than one while playing out an extraordinary move to move it toward an Overdrive Art. These are similar assaults as EX Special Moves in past games.

Drive Rush

Drive Gauge Cost x1 or x3

Play out a fast rush forward from a Drive Parry or a cancelable typical assault. Drive Rush from a repel costs one Drive Stock, while Drive Rush from an ordinary assault costs three Drive Stocks.

Drive Reversal

Drive Gauge Cost x2

Play out a counterattack while obstructing a rival’s assault. The harm is low yet can help you out of difficult spots while you’re being constrained.

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