How Can We Delete Funnyjunk Account? (October 2022) Solution


  • Assuming that you’re hoping to erase your Funnyjunk account.
  • There are maybe a couple approaches.
  • You can either contact Funnyjunk straightforwardly and request their assistance erasing your record.
  • You can utilize one of the internet based apparatuses that are accessible.


How would I erase my FunnyJunk account?
To erase your FunnyJunk account, follow these means:
Sign in to your FunnyJunk account.
Click on the three lines in the upper left corner of the screen.
Under “Record Settings,” click on “Erase Account.”
Enter your email address and secret word, and snap on “Submit.”
You will get an affirmation message that your record has been erased.

What was FunnyJunk?
FunnyJunk was an internet based local area and content webpage that filled in as a vault for client produced entertaining pictures, recordings, and other web content. The site was established in 2006 by Ryan Tate and later obtained by IAC in 2011. In February of 2018, FunnyJunk declared it would close down because of monetary issues.

Who claims FunnyJunk?
FunnyJunk is claimed by an organization called IAC, which additionally possesses sites like Tinder,, and DailyBurn.

How long has FunnyJunk been near?
FunnyJunk is a site that gathers and distributes client created content, for example, photographs and recordings. The site has been in activity starting around 2006 and has north of 200 million novel guests each month.

What’s the name on my Google account?
The name on your Google account is the email address you enlisted with Google.

What is my Gmail secret key?
Your Gmail secret phrase is your email address followed by For instance, my Gmail secret phrase is [email protected]

What is my email name?
Hi, my name isn’t given. Much obliged to you for your inquiry.

How might I open my Gmail account?
To open your Gmail account, you should visit and sign in with your client name and secret word.

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