March 28, 2023

Harvester mm2 Value (October 2021) What More Can Be Fun?

Harvester mm2 Value (2023) What More Can Be Fun?

If you are a Roblox player and want to explore information about the new weapon of the Murder Mystery 2 game, read this article on Harvester mm2 Value.

Roblox games are one of the top computer games. The game will get refreshed commonly to keep the players locked in. The trendiest news is about the Roblox Murder Mystery game, with invigorating elements and new updates.

In this article, we will enlighten you regarding the Murder Mystery 2 game weapon Harvester. The information on Harvester mm2 Value has caused a stir in all areas of the planet, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and the Philippines.

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Murder Mystery 2 Roblox

Roblox game is a virtual web-based jungle gym for all age bunch players uniquely intended for 13 to 18-year-elderly folks individuals. Players can pick their ideal symbol and play, visit, and work together online on many tasks. Players can likewise shop things and embellishments like outfits and weapons like Harvester to make their game fascinating. Gatherer mm2 Value is very high.

There are large number of games over Roblox. Murder Mystery is one of the famous games. Murder Mystery 2 depends on addressing secrets of homicide and running and stowing away from a killer. Players can utilize their investigator abilities to tackle the secret and to uncover the killer.

The gameplay of Murder Mystery 2

In the game, a few Innocents run and need to stow away from killers, the Sheriff who attempts to help blameless people and the person who just has weapons. What’s more, there is a killer who can take out everybody in the game and break from the Sheriff.

Collector mm2 Value has made individuals insane. There are many weapons and blades which can be gathered and utilized while messing around. Furthermore, there are levels to cross like Level 10, Level 20, Level 30, and many, which get troublesome as you cross each level.

Harvester Weapon

Harvester is a firearm type weapon that looks old and is a solitary level acquired exclusively by spending confections.

Elements of Harvester weapon:

  • It is the primary presented crossbow.
  • It has an old look.
  • It is the only shooting gun.
  • It has an audio cue.
  • It should be bought and is equivalent to 6,000 Robux worth of candies.

Harvester mm2 Value

Murder Mystery has 6.7 billion players and was dispatched on January 18, 2014. There are numerous weapons in Murder Mystery 2 games like Reaver, Godly Weapon, Icewing.

The Harvester will work subsequent to purchasing the last level of Halloween Event 2021. Furthermore, the cost of Harvester is 80,000 confections. The Halloween occasion began on October 23, 2021. Presented Godly blades, Chroma blade, Reaver, Chroma Candleflame, Ancient Harvester firearm, and Ancient Knife. There are 30 levels. All will cost 600 confections. The last level will cost 80,000, which incorporates Harvester the old weapon.


In the wake of examining Harvester mm2 Value, we can finish up the weapon cost is very high, and individuals are exceptionally keen on getting it. It is accessible at Halloween Events, which has effectively been on. Things being what they are, would you say you are a Murder Mystery 2 player and inquisitive to get Harvester? If indeed, do impart your fervor to us.

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