Halalan 2022 Pangasinan (October 2022) Latest Information About Voting Results!

This post on Halalan 2022 Pangasinan will advise the perusers about the outcomes regarding the political race and furthermore about the episodes detailed in the country.

Who will get the Presidency in the Philippines? The races in the country have kept everybody in disarray. Individuals Worldwide are holding on to know the President of the Philippines. The Presidency influences the future as well as the fortune of the country. This post on Halalan 2022 Pangasinan will help in illuminating you about the political decision results.

Likewise, we will examine other important insights about the races with the goal that the perusers get greater lucidity on this specific theme.

For what reason is everybody requesting results?

Individuals have filled the web indexes with refreshes on results. Filipinos as well as individuals from the nation over’s limit are sitting tight for the outcomes. Presently every individual realizes that the Presidency of one nation influences the entire world as an issue of the connection between the nations. Subsequently, individuals are making this update moving on each virtual entertainment and online stage.

Halalan 2022 Result Pangasinan

Pangasinan district’s outcomes have been assessed on many sources from Comelec Data. We will talk about the lead representative, bad habit lead representative, commonplace board part, and Congressman here.

For the lead representative’s post, the votes got to the particular individual are:

  • GUICO, RAMON III – 883,864 Votes
  • ESPINO, POGI – 696,509 Votes
  • JIMENEZ, ROLLY – 6,203 Votes
  • PADILLA, CALOY – 3,239 Votes

Consequently, Guico is in the main position and appears to win this political race for the lead representative’s post.

For the bad habit lead representative’s post, the democratic are as per the following:

  • LAMBINO, MARK – 876,565 Votes
  • REYES, NIKIBOY – 549,487 Votes

Thus, we can see that Lambino is at a higher situation in Halalan 2022 Pangasinan.

For Provincial Board Member, here is the democratic rundown for the primary suppliers:

  • FONTELERA, NONG – 115,345 Votes
  • BACAY, APPLE – 106,374 Votes
  • HUMILDE-VERZOSA, ORANGE – 85,628 Votes
  • CAMBA, RICKY – 71,751 Votes

Subsequently, we can say that Fontelera is at the top position.

The representative outcomes for the primary leg dist are as per the following:

  • CELESTE, ART – 155,320 Votes
  • ORBOS, OSCAR – 82,966 Votes

Subsequently, Celeste has a bigger number of votes than Orbos. There is another leg dist likewise, which you can find in the connection gave finally.

Violence related to Elections

The PNP said in a report that during Halalan 2022 Pangasinan decisions, the nation revealed the occurrences of viciousness in Magsingal where the allies of the mayoral had brought about shooting episodes where four were harmed, and four passed on.


Summarizing this post, we have illuminated our perusers about the races and votes that the up-and-comers got. You will realize who is at the top situation in each field. This post additionally illuminates the occurrences that occurred in a portion of the nation’s urban areas. This post will assist you with getting every one of the important subtleties.

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