Gmanetwork Com News Eleksyon (October 2022) Authentic Voting List Details!

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Do you have at least some idea who is driving in the Philippines political race in 2022? On the off chance that not, then here we have every one of the insights about the 2022 political decision. On 9 May 2022, residents of the nation decided in favor of their ideal president. The GMA online news has proclaimed the informal and halfway count for VP and president.

Who won Election news 2022?

The political decision was hung on 9 May 2022. A large number of the Philippines came to decide in favor of their great applicant. Over 1.6 million Philippiners working abroad begun deciding on 10 April for public competitors. According to GMA news, Ferdinand Marcos Jr is driving the official race, and Sara Duterte is driving the bad habit official race.

These leads are pronounced in light of informal and incomplete vote includes displayed in Comelec server Transparency. Bongbong Marcos from the PFP party has gotten 30,878,774, and Sara Duterte from the LAKAS CMD party has gotten 31,306,723 votes.

Voting list Gmanetwork Election 2022

The main heads of the political decision in 2022 are referenced in the above passage. The following is the rundown of the best 5 up-and-comers decided in favor of president and VP according to the GMA organization.


  • Bongbong Marcos from the PFP party got 30,878,774 votes.
  • Leni Robredo from the IND party got 14,730,889 votes.
  • Manny Pacquiao of the Promdi party got 36,05,065 votes.
  • Isko Moreno of Aksyon party got 1,874,232 votes.
  • Ping Lacson from the IND party got 87,80 21 votes.

Vice president

  • Sara Duterte from LAKAS CMD party got 31,306,726 votes.
  • As of Gmanetwork com News Eleksyon 2022, Kiko Pangilinan from LP party has gotten 9173426 votes.
  • Tito Sotto from the NPC party got 8148775 votes.
  • Willis Ong from the Aksyon party got 1832713 votes.
  • Lito Atienza from the Promdi party got 265507 votes.

More about the political race 2022

The 2022 political race is the sixteenth bad habit official political race and seventeen direct official decisions starting around 1935. Applicants from different gatherings have remained in the political decision. The rundown of up-and-comers was delivered on 25 January 2022.

According to the informal count, Bongbong Marcos(Ferdinand Marcos Jr.) Is the leader with 58.8% votes. According to Gmanetwork com News Eleksyon 2022, the democratic meeting started on 9 may and shut down at 7 pm around the same time. The democratic rundown of competitors is referenced in the accompanying post.


The informal include list is introduced in this article. Bongbong Marcos from the PFP party is driving in official votes, and Sara Duterte from the LAKAS CMD party leads in the bad habit official political decision. The top to bottom insights regarding the 2022 political decision are referenced in this article.

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