Fortified Legends no longer have extra headshot damage reduction in Apex Legends (October 2022)

Legend-specific Passive Perks have somewhat of a corrupt past in Apex Legends in that the majority of them have been taken out now. The main Legend Passive Perk still in the game is Fortified. Strengthened is an advantage that is well defined for greater Legends like Gibraltar, get an inherent detached harm decrease to compensate for the size of their hitbox. The full impact is that approaching harm is diminished by 15%, and being hit by slugs won’t dial them back.

The Fortified advantage’s harm decrease previously likewise applied to headshot harm decrease, yet with the introduction of Season 13: Saviors, that is not true anymore. This makes getting a decent cap while playing as a Legend with a huge hitbox critical, particularly with the head protector buffs for the new season.

The Apex Legends improvement group has said in the past that they might want to ultimately arrive where all Passive Perks will be eliminated, so this change could very well be the subsequent stage in that thought process.

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