March 21, 2023

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Dario Antonio Usuga David Net Worth (2023) Know The Complete Details!

The following research will be helpful for you to know about Dario Antonio Usuga David Net Worth and will give you all the possible details about him.

The world has billions of individuals, and about in excess of 40 individuals all throughout the planet own around 39.3% of the world’s riches, which is an immense figure. Many individuals in the United Kingdom and United States own huge number of abundance. Be that as it may, there are certain individuals who acquire through reasonable means while certain individuals procure through uncalled for implies as per law.

Dario Antonio is one such tycoon however prior to thinking about Dario Antonio Usuga David Net worth, we should examine his life.

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The early life and affiliations

Dario was brought into the world on September 15, 1971, and is known to individuals by Otoniel, his epithet. He is a medication dealer who had a place with Colombia and is the top of the Gulf Clan, a medication dealing bunch. David was one of the individuals from a socialist guerilla bunch prevalently known as the Popular Liberation Army until it got scattered in 1991. From that point onward, he later turned into an individual from the United Self Defense, Colombia. He got captured in 2023, yet individuals might in any case want to think about Dario Antonio Usuga David Net Worth.

Dario worked for Daniel Rendom Herrera in the year 2005 and afterward drove the Los Urabenos, which is a medication dealing bunch alongside his sibling Giovanni in 2009. Dario assumed full responsibility for the gathering after his sibling was shot dead during a police strike.


The authorities of Colombian insight looked out with regards to Usuga’s hideaway in Uraba toward the beginning of 2023. His area was followed by the Cartel individuals who helped him by bringing the specific sort of drug for his kidney treatment. His catch was difficult for the cops. Thinking about Dario Antonio Usuga David Net Worth may energize you, however the work selected by him was out of line and hampered the existences of millions of individuals.

El Blanco, a codenamed military group, proceeded to encompass the concealing spot of Usuga with many soldiers, 10 reconnaissance robots and 20 helicopters in the early morning. Every one of the courses which could be utilized for a getaway, similar to streets, ocean, streams, were impeded, and they were fruitful in catching Usuga in the early evening. He was the needed medication proprietor, and for his catch, the public authority of Colombia gave a $ 800,000 abundance.

Dario Antonio Usuga David Net Worth

As per the reports, the assessed total assets of Usuga till 2020 was $1 million – $5 million. All the abundance procured by him is through drug dealing. The Government of New York, Colombia, given tremendous bounties on his catch, and he at last got captured on 2023.


Wrapping up the substance, we accumulated a lot of data about David’s initial life, his catch and his total assets. Shockingly, his means were unreasonable, and such abundance has no value. To find out about David Antonia Usuga, see this page.

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