May 30, 2023

Daily Focus Playlist in Destiny 2, Complete Details!

The Daily Focus playlist was a center element of the 2021 Guardian Games and is making its return in the 2022 season.

By playing the Daily Focus, Guardians can acquire more shrubs during the Guardian Games Competition. The Daily Focus, as its name proposes, pivots exercises consistently. So one day will see players handling Strikes, the following Gambit, and afterward Crucible the next day. It is a method for zeroing locally on a specific undertaking for the term of the opposition.

Guardians can check their Medal Case for the Daily Focus. It shows up in the orange text close to a clock. On the other hand, it tends to be checked by opening the Director and going to Destinations. Squeezing E (PC), L2 (PlayStation), or LT (Xbox) will open up a side tab that tells the Daily Focus and gives a consummation rate.

The purpose in doing the Daily Focus is to procure more shrubs than expected. These trees are then used to buy Contender Cards which reward higher-rank awards to be turned in. Shrubs can likewise be utilized to buy bounties from Eva Levante and can remunerate low-rank decorations and XP.

Daily Focus Playlist Rotation

  • May 3: Strikes
  • May 4: Gambit
  • May 5: Crucible
  • May 6: Seasonal or Throne World Activities
  • May 7: Guardian Games Playlist

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