March 21, 2023

Clan Del Golfo Net Worth (October 2021) Get Its Detailed Information!

Clan Del Golfo Net Worth (2023) Get Its Detailed Information!

The below article will give you a brief information about Clan Del Golfo and Clan Del Golfo Net worth 2023.

Clan Del Golfo is one of the biggest criminal associations in Uraba, Colombia, which manages criminal operations like medications and a paramilitary gathering regularly engaged with the Colombian outfitted clash. The association is as of late in the news, as the nation’s military and reports express that it has stopped the group line that caught its chief Dairo Antonio Usuga on whom the United States government had declared a $5 million prize.

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Origins and Structure

Numerous renowned medication rulers set up the association, the Clan chiefs like Daniel Rendon Herrera, Carlos Mario Usuga, Gustavo Adolfo, Juan de Dios Usuga and Dario Antonio Usuga David, who was caught as of late by the Colombian armed force.

According to reports, it has more than 3000 individuals in the gathering’s inward circle and works all through the country. Discussing the total assets, the most recent head of Clan got “Otoniel “, assessed to have $1 billion total assets. Prior, Dairo, otherwise called Otoniel, was an individual from the Popular Liberation Army and later, it was consumed into Colombian United Self-Defense powers.

Clan Del Golfo Net worth 2023

The total assets of an association isn’t notable, yet it very well may be assessed by the total assets of its chiefs. Nonetheless, reports say that the business makes around $7 billion per year or more, yet late catches by the military and police have cut the tribe business down.

“Otoniel”, their chief as of late caught, is assessed to have a total assets of more than 1.4 Billion and the sky is the limit from there and is very affluent, having military powers as well. Notwithstanding business and medications, the association is additionally engaged with illegal mining, illegal exploitation, killing and threatening local area pioneers, and so on which adds more to Clan Del Golfo Net worth 2023.

Most recent Updates about Clan Del Golfo:

The Druglord or head of Clan Otoniel, otherwise called Dairo Antonio Usuga, was gotten by Colombian fighters in northern Antioquia territory under “Activity Osiris”, stopping 6 years of age look for the blamed conveyed in coordination between police, armed force, flying corps and marine power.

The reports say that he has enlisted in excess of 1200 individuals furnished with the most recent weapons working under him and do different works like death, unlawful mining, kid enlist, illegal exploitation and so on, which likewise contributes towards Clan Del Golfo Net worth. With in excess of 3000 individuals working for the association, the Clan needs large chunk of change and force.


Subsequently, by the above data, we can comprehend that Clan Del Golfo is one of the greatest medication cartel associations and a hazardous one with its paramilitary power furnished with the most recent weapons. Also, their unlawful mining, drug conveyance and so on, give them enough subsidizing for their development as in excess of 3000 individuals work under this association.

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