Australian Border Force Phone Scam – (2023) Beware!

Australian Border Force Phone Scam - (August) Beware!

The aide shares the new Australian Border Force Phone Scam focusing on many individuals in the country to take data.

Online tricks are turning into a disturbing circumstance for some Australian occupants. Con artists are in any event, utilizing the rumored names of government organizations to do tricks with the inhabitants in Australia.

An inhabitant as of late detailed that she got a call from Henry, professing to be the Federal Police Officer. He called to educate her that ten financial balances were made in her name without her assent. He said that he called her to correct the circumstance. Be that as it may, he was a con artist endeavoring to trick her. As of late, Australian Border Force Phone Scam is additionally moving. We should check what it is!

What is the Australian Border Force Call Scam?

Australian Border Force is the rumored government office under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Utilizing the name of such an office, the con artists are calling the inhabitants in Australia to do tricks.

The guest claims to be the Customs and Border Protection Force official and calls the inhabitants to take their own and monetary subtleties. They call and say that extortion is accounted for in their exchanging record or merchants demand installments and reports prior to delivering the payload transfers.

These are all extortion calls and should be disregarded.

How is Australian Border Force Phone Scam Done?

Con artists are getting shrewd nowadays, and they are attempting new strategies to hoodwink individuals across the world. Presently, they are utilizing the names of government offices and offices so that individuals can without much of a stretch get caught and share the subtleties tricksters are searching for.

Guests are picking irregular quantities of the occupants, calling them, and professing to be an official from the Australian Border Force. They call and illuminate them about dubious movement in their record or request that they pay shippers who are not delivering the freight transfer without installments. This is the way the tricksters do the Australian Border Force Phone Scam.

What To Do If You Receive a Call?

Australian Border Force won’t ever request banking or charge card subtleties or solicitation to move reserves. Thus, in the event that you get such calls requesting that you share your own or banking subtleties, hang up the call.

Beneficiaries of the call, email, or messages should not tap on any connection which sidetracks to dubious sites.

Never share your card subtleties, CVV number, or other record related data. You should request that the guest share their personality and telephone number to check their subtleties. Really take a look at those subtleties at the site of Customs and Border Protection or by calling at 1300-363-263. You may likewise report the Australian Border Force Phone Scam at this number.

On the off chance that you presume any criminal behavior with your record, report it to the bank right away. You may likewise report the dubious movement to the Custom Watch by calling their number 1800-06-1800.


Individuals should be mindful while noting any obscure number as it very well may be a call from online tricksters. Rather than noting and sharing your banking and individual subtleties to con artists, it is fine to release a call for voice message. Australian Border Force never settles on decisions for banking or monetary subtleties. Plus, you should outfit yourself with the right information to distinguish and report online tricks.

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